Health Insurance Companies In Uganda

I wish I had a big list of health insurance companies in Uganda. But the fact of the matter is that they are not many health insurance companies in Uganda.

list of health insurance companies in Uganda
list of health insurance companies in Uganda

So far my list of health insurance companies in Uganda is just about 5 companies namely:

  • IAA-Resolution Health
  • AAR Health Care
  • IAA
  • Liberty Health Care
  • Jubilee Medical Health
  • UAP  Medical health

This list of health insurance companies in Uganda is not comprehensive. Over the coming weeks I will continue adding more. If  you know of any other health insurance companies in Uganda that— are worth mentioning here—please feel free to comment and I will add it onto the list. Let’s let the list of health insurance companies in Uganda grow—For there was no online list of health insurance companies in Uganda at the time of this writing.

I work for IAA-Resolution health, one of the companies in the list of health insurance companies in Uganda and believe we have the best product in the Market. My Telephone number is 0792 668 138. Call me for any details about the company I work for or ifno about health insurance companies in Uganda.


The Major Health Issues in Uganda is Health Care

If I were to sum up the major health issues in Uganda it would is lack of medical health care for the masses.  I cannot blame the diseases ravaging the Country. Most are lifestyle and communication diseases. For example we now know how one can get aids. We know cancer is a lifestyle disease. We know Malaria is very easily treated at home.

So for the major health issues in Uganda—I repeat is poor uptake of medical insurance by the majority of the countries citizenry. Seems like a joke, but you thinks of obamacare and and the big deal it generated in the US and you will know what I mean. Even the mandatory  national Health insurance fund did not go through when it came up to debate in Uganda Government.

Well, if you don’t have medical insurance, have you ever thought of exactly what you will do if the worst occurs and you needed to go to the hospital without health insurance? In one simple and common word. Poverty!!!!. The big retirement you worked your whole life for and dreamed about is gone … removed from you immediately.

Why let a disaster eat up your investments yet you could actually avoid it. A catastrophe that hits you, you had no caution and you will never ever understand exactly what striked you.

Envision this situation. You are 55, remained in great shape your whole life, you strive and live right, do not smoke, eat healthy foods, enjoy your weight and have actually been caring for yourself the very best way you know how.

However lately you have actually been getting a little short of breath. You shake your head and say “it’s simply getting old” and keep right on working on the house, you business , the crops anything you simply need to get done.

While working, out of nowhere you run  of breath. You stop, sit down and cannot breathe. You look down and your arm is feeling funny and tingly. You feel a shooting pain on your arm and shoulder, “ah … just overdoing it once again” you say to yourself.

I’ll just rest a spell and it will go away. However this time the discomfort does not disappear like other times. This time the pain does not go away like other times. You feel the pins and needles and worse, a stabbing discomfort goes into your shoulder. Rapidly the pain intensifies and travels deeper and is shooting across your chest, a crushing pain and now you are actually terrified. Yes like Hon Aronda, You have never been sick for the last 10 to 20 years.

“You wonder if this is a heart attack?” You know you waited too long and it’s far too late … This time it’s genuine. You are in the middle of a cardiac arrest.

You are desperate and in stabbing pain. You are calling and ambulance … if you can get to a phone; let alone afford one. You call for your wife and she is inside your home and does not hear you. You attempt to get up and feel faint and you have no strength and your legs simply cannot move. You holler louder, and she hears you this time. She hurries to your side and you are so brief of breath you cannot talk, the discomfort is too fantastic.

You point to your chest and she can see by the look on your face you are suffering and in great discomfort and something is awfully wrong. She goes to call for help, hoping some ambulance will make it through Kampala traffic and come right away and she believes you are dying. She runs back to your side and you both are awfully afraid and all you can do is wait.

The bad news has simply begun … When the ambulance shows up, you discover the very worst has actually happened. You truly are having a heart attack … they rush you away to the health center, taking your vitals and offering you the drugs to conserve your life. Pricey surgical treatment follows with angioplasty to open up your clogged arteries.
The physician states that you need to make a great recovery with sufficient care, rest and therapy. You will need constant heart medications and high blood pressure medications for the rest of your life. Already the concern has actually begun, and you believe to yourself. “How am I going to pay for this”? And that is if you can afford the ambulance and hospital treatment with the money you had saved.

The deep financial concern never ever leaves you. You have actually heard stories of monetary disasters occurring to excellent people without any insurance. Tragic stuff happening to people that get struck with big medical expenses for surgical treatments in the tens of millions of Uganda Shillings.  You lost … you did not beat the chances!

Now exactly what can you do? Your retirement dream is gone, now you have to dye your hair black and head back to the job market. To pay for your debts.

The story, I shared is genuine and very common here in Uganda. And many more end badly right at home.

For those that survive, that is when they begin to appreciate medical insurance. That is when you wish you paid for it. And on inquiry you even discover that you can pay for it as an expense before you pay for your taxes.

major Health Issues in Uganda
major Health Issues in Uganda

That is when you discover that, some health insurers even refund you some of the premiums you pay yearly if you do not fall sick. And you ask yourself why I didn’t?

Do not let this happen to you. I am just a phone call away and can send you someone to walk you through affordable medical care and how you can pay for it with pre-tax earnings.

Call me on 0758- 079590 and let’s work Smart at IAA-resolution Health. Let’s not let the Death Of the Late General Aronda be in vain. Let’ not have money for alcohol and roasted red meat etc—which will end you at the hospital—-and not pre-pay for your medical bills.

List of Medical Insurance Companies In Uganda

Finally!! Below is is a list of medical insurance companies in Uganda (after searching all day for the list)

If you were looking for the list because you want to get insured then bravo!!! Because  if not, then you might not beat the chances of not making it  if you fall sick and need urgent medical help. Think about it! And forgive me for putting the list of medical insurance companies in Uganda down below!

list of medical insurance companies in Uganda
list of medical insurance companies in Uganda

Have you been striving and paying your bills on time, saving your income and attempting to get ahead or looking forward to retiring some day in your Munyonyo or Kololo house?

Have you  been reading the newspaper or watching news about senior individuals like The Hon. Aronda, that was uninsured? May God rest his soul in eternal peace by the way.

Have you ever had or thought about a health care emergency situation and found yourself with no clue how you would pay your medical expenses? Do you feel you’re getting too old or under skilled to be working for anyone else? You may even be self-employed too; like most Ugandans are.

Or are you an expat or professional with either a big salary? Is your present company really unable to pay for health insurance coverage for its employees and you do not see that changing?

You have actually managed this long without health insurance and you understand that you need to throw down the gauntlet. However, even though medical insurance seems expensive getting medical insurance is still a good idea. I know it could be something you have constantly been planning to do and just keep putting it off. Well I hope it doesn’t get too late.

Are you a man or woman with a household, or a single individual and perhaps can barely  get enough cash to spend on requirements, like the  rent, car loans and school fees? So how much more economical sense is medical insurance?

On the other hand, do you believe you can beat the probabilities of fighting off some lifestyle diseases, accidents caused by boda boda and taxi fumes, alcohol and poor eating habits?

Well, here is the math. For men, it is one in three, for women there is one in five chances that in one year, you will have a major health care emergency situation that requires major hospitalization.

Maybe you do not stress and lay awake in the evening, wondering how you would pay for emergency care, if you needed it? But rest assured that your land, house, retirement, and even marriage is at risk if a major disease comes into your life. And yet health insurance can be paid by the taxman and not you if you are employed or even not. Yes, the tax man can foot the bill and not you or you employer or your business. You simply need good accounting advice and you get medical insurance for no fee, half or a quarter of the price it would have cost you.

Now here is the list of medical insurance companies in Uganda. These are the main ones:-

  1. IAA -Resolution Healthcare 
  2. AAR Health
  3. Liberty Health
  4. Jubilee Health
  5. UAP health
  6. Sanlam Health
  7. IAA

If you prefer going to doctor directly, and pay cash, which I highly vote against, then here Downloadable list of doctors and health care,  providers.

Call me on 0792 668138 and let’s talk. Not only will I explain it to you, how it works but I will show you the math on paper. I will even link you up with the best health care provider that will honor his end of the bargain. And you can call me if he or she doesn’t once you get on board through me.  Click here to see why I am different.

Uganda Fitness Bazaar- Minutes Jogging Tip

The Uganda Fitness Bazaar tip this week is whether 30 Minutes Of Running Every Day Help You Lose Weight

The brief answer to this concern is” yes!” Running is one of the best weight-loss exercises. It not only assists lose weight but also reinforces your health. You will be a lot calmer and able to ease the mind for success due to the fact that it will help to get rid of everyday stress. Therefore, you will have a strong health, and you will have the ability to run faster and longer. So you will lose more and more weight.

Just how much weight will you lose by running 30 minutes every day?

Before I answer this concern, I wish to share some security guidelines. There are 2 primary rules that can make a running exercise more safe. The first guideline is the right shoes. You need to choose the right running shoes because they will decrease the pressure on the joints and make the exercise a lot smoother and more reliable.

The 2nd rule is the right fabric. You must opt to put on fabrics such as polypropylene and silk. They are designed to get rid of sweat from your body while you run. You should not wear cotton materials due to the fact that they take in sweat and continue to be wet. You will feel uneasy while you run.

Now back to the question. It depends on 2 things. The first thing is the weight of your body. If your weight is 230 pounds, you will lose more fat than an individual with less weight. The second thing is the speed. The faster you will run the more calories you will burn. So here is one example that will assist you comprehend more about running.
I have actually selected an individual who weighs 150 pounds for my Uganda Fitness Bazaar tip . All figures are based upon this person. If a person runs for 30 minutes at a speed of 5 miles per hour, he will burn 290 calories. In this way he will lose a pound after every 12 days.

So if your weight is the very same and speed is the exact same, after one month you will lose nearly 3 pounds of your weight. It will be a really excellent outcome, will not it?

What will take place if you enhance the speed to 9 miles per hour?
A 30-minute race will help you burn 330 calories. It is a fantastic quantity of bad calories, right? In this way you will lose more than 3 pounds per month. However, you can make use of a walking exercise prior to and after running exercise. It will make your body to burn more calories, and it will enhance the amount of fat loss to 5 pounds each month. Now it is up to you how much weight you will lose by running 30 minutes every day. Anyhow, if your weight is more than 200 pounds, do not exhaust your body with a quick running in the very first month.

Be back on this blog if you wanna learn more about ways to improve going to slim down more efficiently?
Call me on +256 758 079590  for your health insurance or any insurance  needs for that matter. I have 12 year experience in this industry plus 5 In exceptional  customer service.  I wrote this Uganda Fitness Bazaar tip blog post because I see so many people suffering health issues  in Uganda that would otherwise be avoided through a healthy lifestyle.