Why Health Insurance In Uganda Is Going To Thrive Soon

To understand why I think health insurance in Uganda is going to be critical and very necessary, it is important to look at the history of insurance.

The need for insurance coverage in Uganda and in the world in general developed out of the dangers all of us run in the course of living our day-to-day lives. Our lives are continuously under threat be it accidents or health problems. As we age after the age of 33, our bodies do undergo loss or damage, which affects us in some manner or another.

As we live today, there is thus a continuous striving for security, some means of eliminating a danger, lowering it or transferring it to somebody or something better able to bear it and handle the monetary effects. This becomes a matter of growing significance to any individual or Nation as its or his/her financial life develops, so does the increasingly difficult burden of risk.

In the ages gone by, individual assets were measly, trade was by simple barter, and life— being ‘nasty, brutish and temporary—was not held to be of any great value. The growth of commerce and market, plus the introduction of money as a method of exchange, led over the centuries to a more complex society where loss of life and property was taken more seriously.

The early merchants could attempt to protect their building by equipping themselves and securing it against robbers and pirates, while ships tried to cruise close to shorelines to prevent the greater perils of the sea. But it was impossible to supply full protection and so some technique and treatment of changing lost goods at least in monetary terms was sought.

Back in the day, merchant traders and company owners could construct up reserve funds for that function. However that would bind capital which could be used more successfully in the business itself. And most times the sums required were huge when it came to a major disaster. During that time, it would be essential have several years of effective and hassle-free trading to build up sufficient reserves, so new entrants to company would be at a handicap and the commercial initiative would be inhibited. Stable but unfair merchants would even arrange to restrict competition by causing losses to new and upcoming merchants.

The answer to these problems was for merchants to pool their resources to offer a big pool of funds from which losses could be met without dreadful results upon problems to any on contributor. In time some merchants became specifically interested and competent in this new field of commercial businesses and left their other professions to become expert acceptors of dangers.

Slowly they obtained a better idea of classes of trade and the threats involved so that they were able to evaluate the risks inherent in a certain endeavor and choose exactly what contributions it need to make on a fair basis to the main fund.

There was, as there still is, a lot of scope for individual opinion, know-how and portfolio development in threat evaluation. It was not long, for that reason, prior to middlemen appeared to function as a link in between merchants and insurance companies.

From this point of view is can be plainly seen that the introduction of insurance was absolutely essential in the advancement of trade as a means of mitigating against risk. For many years the insurance coverage industry has actually likewise played its part in threat reduction and elimination. By increasing premium rates, enforcing excesses or asking the insured to carry a part of a danger himself.

So Ugandans need not shun insurance in all its forms. Many tycoons have got it all right in terms of business acumen. But what is felling or failing them now is taking on insurance, particularly health insurance which is not available in elaborate forms in Uganda. Many don’t take it upon themselves to take care of their health; believing when disease comes they will fight it with their wealth.  But woe unto them that disease doesn’t respect one’s social status. And of late it is sad to say that cancer and other diseases have been visiting and revisiting society that they have become local residents too.  That is why sooner or later health insurance in Uganda is gone be very critical to each and every Ugandan; particularly the middle and upper class.  More so since there is no formal government run health fund yet.


The Case For Uganda Health Insurance

It comes as no surprise that (Uganda) health insurance services has actually been on the increase, and a lot of these costs can be anticipated. In the last few years alone, the cost of healthcare has actually consumed large pieces of a households earnings as lifestyle diseases and other disease have taken root of late.

A lot of these rising costs might be tied to things like the government health policy; an enhanced demand for Uganda health insurance; more and more people getting sickly and  older; and inflation among others. This have all contributed to this rising cost.

Exactly what is an individual to do if they have no (Uganda) health insurance?
If you look at health insurance in  Uganda as junk food instead of  a home-cooked whole-food dish, then it is most likely that you will end up obese and out of shape. If you continue eating that food, the opportunities for getting obese and diseases frequently related to obesity is boosted significantly.  The fact of the matter is that Hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart condition to some extent can be avoided by making the right lifestyle changes.

Just being a little bit more health aware will reduce your need to ever see a doctor, even if you have (Uganda) health insurance. If you find yourself holding off a medical problem and not getting expert medical attention and attempting to eat some healthy whole foods to fight it; then you are not really in the wrong corridor. Though it is not a substitute for  (Uganda) health insurance.

Doing this isn’t going to guarantee that you feel much better much faster, but there’s a good a likelihood that by consuming better, you will help hence decrease your requirement to see a physician, and preventing (Uganda) health insurance premiums from rising. So the next time you are feeling ill, try eating something healthy.

There is a reason when you are feeling  sick that a bowl of granny’s chicken soup and a glass of orange juice or obutunda seems to work. But don’t fool yourself, (Uganda) health insurance is still very cheap and saving a lot of households a lot of heartache and money.

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Yes Dr Ssali Uganda- Self-Healing Is Possible

Many people in Uganda shun herbalists but truth be told, the likes of Dr. Ssali, a Ugandan herbalist, are really healing people.  Why and how?

Have you seen the fantastic documentary The Secret? There are a lot of fantastic life stories informed by numerous individuals who changed their lives themselves in it. One of the stories has to do with Morris E Goodman, or Mr. Success, as they call him. This man made it through after his plane crashed and serious injuries. His spine was broken, he was entirely paralyzed, but he managed to not only endure but to completely recuperate and end up being world-famous. He composed a book The Miracle Man: An Inspiring True Story of Motivation & Courage about how he made it and now he is reading lectures all over the world. So Dr Dr. Ssali of Uganda has something up his sleeve with his claims.

Can individuals recover from AIDS or cancer with no medication at all, but with the power of their mind only? Or with a prayer? There are actual examples. In June, 2007 a 40-year-old man from Malawi declared that he got treated from HIV. Likewise did you hear of the man who got healed by God called Matthew Manning. Again Give Dr. Ssali, of Uganda some credit. Why? I will soon explain it.

Now what about cancer? Some years ago I saw a Discovery Channel program where they narrated of one teenager. The medical professionals diagnosed some form of tumor in his brain which was incurable. But this kid did not fall under despair.  Just  like in  Star Wars, he started visualizing his brain tumor as the Death Star. He imagined his white blood cells as Rebel X-Wing spacecrafs attacking this Death Star. In 2 or 3 months his growth vanished entirely. huh! Dr. Ssali, the Ugandan!!!!!

This is exactly what Akrit, a special kid from India states about his research study in cancer recovery:

“I really made my discovery when I was about eight. I succeeded by reading books on cancer and getting details from the internet. My cure asserts at the adjustment of deformed genes that results in cancer and their efficacious repair either by the activation of enzymes or direct modification of genotoxic drugs.”.

So now the concern is – is it possible to modify and repair the malformed genes? All you need to do is simply envision your discomfort as a dark ball. Imagine beams of light that strike this ball and small pieces of dark that come off from it and vanish forever.

Or envision that your discomfort is a ball of light and use your mind to miniaturize it up until it becomes a tiny dot. Then take this dot and toss it away from your body into the space. I hope that these examples of truly existing people and their self-healing will help you to conquer your illness.

So now you might understand how Dr. Sssali, Uganda’s most prominent herbalist does it.  He has made serious claims that he can heal cancer and AIDS. It all involves telling your brain that you are healing. Most people cannot believe this on their own. So someone had to do his thing to make you believe in yourself and in this case Dr. Ssali, Uganda’s well known herbalist.

But let’s be honest. This is a whole new area of knowledge to most of us and right now health insurance is our quick reprieve. Time and commitment  are not on our side. And for something to work in the self healing process, one must have very very strong faith. Which is very rare according to Dr Ssali. Uganda is a very religious country. But the faith in deliverance is kinda wanting.

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Obesity in Uganda-Brief International History

A recent study done  has identified obesity in Uganda is currently at 10% of the population. And  why is this bad? It is on the increase and leads to diseases lie cancer, and high blood pressure., diabetes etc.

Obesity occurs when the energy consumption originating from food is stored as fat because the body does not utilize it. Weight problems has rather a big impact in one’s physical health than numerous degenerative conditions. It might even have a much worse effect on a person’s mental health. Throughout the history of weight problems, it had been viewed with appreciation and the opposite amongst cultures and in time.

Looking at the history of weight problems and we’ll find out that this is genuinely an age-old health condition. Ancient Egyptians were said to think about obesity as a disease, having been drawn in a wall of illustrated diseases. Maybe the most well-known and earliest evidence of obesity is the Venus figurines, statuettes of an overweight female torso that most likely had a significant role in rituals. Ancient China has, likewise, been aware of weight problems and the risks that feature it.

They have actually always been a believer of weight problem prevention as crucial to durability. The Aztecs thought that weight problems was paranormal, a sickness from the gods. Hippocrates, the dad of medication, observed that sudden deaths being more common amongst overweight men than lean ones as stated in his writings. However, in particular cultures and areas where food is scarce and poverty is common obesity is viewed a sign of wealth and social status.

To this day, many African tribes still deliberately plumps up a new bride to prepare her for giving birth to kids. Before a wedding can be set, a slim bride-to-be is spoiled to get weight till she reaches the ideal weight.

Putting obesity in Uganda aside. throughout the history of obesity, the public’s view and status of obesity altered significantly in the 1900’s. It troubled the French designer, Paul Poiret who designed skin-revealing clothing for women. About the very same time, the incidence of weight problems started to become prevalent. Later in the 1940’s, Metropolitan Life Insurance released a chart of perfect weights for various heights. They also promoted that weight gain parallel to age is not okay.

The US federal government and the medical society come to be more pro-active with obesity by beginning a crusade touching on it. This was preceded by a research of threat factors and ever since different diet and exercise programs have actually emerged. In 1996, the Body Mass Index (BMI) was published.

The BMI is an analytical estimation and index identified if an individual is overweight or not. At this time, weight problems incidence had risen, led by kids and teen weight problems, tripling in just a couple of brief years, higher than any number in the history of weight problems.

Maybe the most controversial is the independent movie, Super-Size Me. Released in 2004, Super-Size Me was composed, produced and directed by American independent filmmaker, Martin Spurlock in an expedition of the occurrence of weight problems in the USA. He recorded 30 days of his life in an experiment of consuming just McDonald’s food with entirely no exercise. He commenced the test as healthy and trim but became overweight.  His film was thereafter followed by numerous other documentaries and a couple of changes in the McDonald’s menu. The history of weight problems need to be well studied so safety measures can be exercised and thus prevent obesity from dispersing.

For many years and in the history of obesity, it seems to intensify regardless of growing awareness and combating strategies that it has been called an epidemic.

When it comes to obesity in UgandaUganda, we are seeing more and more young people preferring the roasted meat, and western Fast foods and giving Uganda traditional food a wide berth. This is the beginning of problems for Ugandans in the coming years.  That is why Cancer and other lifestyle diseases is on the rise in Uganda. It is caused by a number of factors which includes pollution but also unhealthy eating habits. Only just recently the WHO announced that processed meats do cause cancer, yet processed meat is big business in Uganda. The same report also noted that meat cooked in very hot heat is also dangerous, yet meat roasting in Kampala is legendary. Just go to Kabalagala at night.

Lino is a business consultant for One of the best health insurers in Uganda and has taken a very in interest in the prevailing health standards of his fellow citizens. I am an avid exercise freak and also believe in health insurance, now than lifestyles diseases are on the increase. To reach me call me on 0792 668138 for  the best health insurance package.

Jobs Stress-Uganda Lifestyle Facts

You all see Jobs in Uganda lifestyle facts; the large crowds of people in Kampala City waling  down Kampala road, through   fuel fumes filled Owino market, on their way home. What you don’t see is the stress that people are hiding in the faces. Well, Work stress is alive in Kampala and the pollution both noise and other is not something to take lightly. Well maybe its real or maybe its just a problem of mindset. Or maybe the individuals at work really do draw a lot of stress from work. Well, in the meantime there are some simple things you can do to reduce the stress.

Remember, you can not alter other individuals, but you can alter your attitude.

Let me give you an amazing example.
In a current Australian paper, The Herald Sun, it was reported in the post entitled Message of Hope In a Furious World, that while Palestinians and Israelis have essentially been deadly adversaries for a surely long time, there appeared a brilliant light and a ray of hope between the 2. (Think of this story as it relates to you and troublesome people at work.)
Ahmed Khatib, a promising twelve year-old Palestinian kid was shot dead by Israeli troops who mistook his toy weapon for a genuine one.

Understandably despair stricken, Ahmed’s household made a basic, yet exceptional gesture in the name of peace. They donated their kid’s organs to “the opponent” – an Israeli hospital.

The moms and dads hope was that their young kid’s death was not worthless. Today Ahmed’s heart is in the chest of an Israeli young girl. His liver is what is keeping a Jewish lady alive, along with an Israeli mother. Ahmed’s lungs now breathe inside a teenage Jewish lady and his kidney’s are hard at work inside a Jewish girl.

Setting spiritual and cultural differences aside, Ahmed’s moms and dads might not see any child suffer, regardless of who they were or where they came from.

The documentary, The Heart of Jenin, was based upon this moving story and was produced by an Arab and a fellow Jew. Their communication is, “Violence versus violence doesn’t help. Instead look toward keeping good company.  When you forgive your “enemies” a sweeping peacefulness will be yours. So  while jobs in Uganda lifestyle facts is not great for everyone, a change in one’s attitude can go along way in easing the stress.

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Old age Homes In Uganda

Before I tell you the bad news about old age homes in Uganda, lets reveal to you some factual trend. For lots of people especially in Africa, getting old can be a time of loneliness and anxiety. And, the term “Golden Years”  is often not really golden. Lack of planning, failed investment objectives, and medical issues do not make for a happy senior person”s lifestyle. Whatever the reasons, getting old can be lonely, afraid, and dismal time of life.

People hurry through life, trying to save for retirement and the “great” life they hope for when they retire. They think they’ll gain wondrous benefits for the blood and sweat for their contributions to huge retirement benefit schemes. Ah, yes, the day will come when they lack time schedules, Work pressure, heavy family costs, and unlimited freedom.

Oh, it will be a wondrous time! However, unfortunately, a plentiful, carefree, rich senior lifestyle is not, normally, enjoyed by the majority of people.

Some seniors end up little income to even have a roof over their heads, while others find out too late, that their retirement payments are too little so they are technically unable to retire. However, if they have been gainfully employed for long, they have hope and capabilities to take pleasure in some resemblance of a pleasurable retirement.

But, all too numerous times, elders may experience health illness, loneliness, grieving the death of a spouse, child, or finest friend, and forced to live in poverty.

It’s not difficult for old people to endure serious lots of money issues that transpired by bad investments, lack of retirement planning, or other poor life choices. Maybe they ‘thought’ they would forever be employable, healthy, and essential to society.

Isolation and anxiety can break your very soul into pieces, like a shattered pane of glass. Recognizing that you are not able to cater for yourself (economically), can, undoubtedly, trigger anxiety, stress, physical disease, and thoughts of suicide. Include into the mix, isolation, worry, anxiety, frustration, desperation and the outcome can transpire into a deep state of depression.

Naturally, all of us understand that there is a possibility that we may end up being one of those old individuals we see riding those motorized handicap bikes  and it does not get our attention today; that’s lots of moons from now; too far away to even relate to. How could we possibly understand the last path we travel might be tomorrow?

Before we understand what took place, the children are all grownup and launching their own lives; making their personal choices. They are liberated and self-sufficient. And, their contact become less and less. Perhaps holidays are the only time we see them, or hear from them. However, we spin around in our little worlds, and all of a sudden, or so it appears, we’re outdated by young people’s requirements, our reflexes appear a bit slower than usual, eyesight and hearing subsides, and the person in the mirror is unfamiliar. This mix the lack of monetary security, and the effects can be devastating.

That once energetic and productive individual, happily grinning among good friends, is now an unfortunate, hopeless, and depressed individual. Insufficient feelings of self-esteem or self-respect just compounds their death. Days are filled of nothing. No laughter, grins, pals, co-workers.

No stuffing school lunches, no requirement for you to clutch some young hand hands when crossing the street, no excited faces to help bake vacation cookies. The children have proceeded, and there’s no room in their lives for clinging parents. The nest is empty; no need to tend the home fires. Most awful of all, there appears no factor to claim that life is excellent, or to place on a smile to mask the unfortunate shadows behind the eyes. What’s to look forward to? Where’s the “gold” in your age?

Old and wrinkly and lined faces, drooping skin, and bowed body postures verify the end of the trip may be lingering the next corner, or in the next hour. However for depressive individuals, death, occasionally, is welcomed. They might be unable to buy food, pay utilities, purchase needed medications, or make do without transportation. Household Member of the family might live far away, or are hectic rushing through their own lives; either in any case, the senior citizen is alone, frightened, and simply another old individual. They believe there is no escape, and so there will be none.

Some senior citizens expect they could be compared with a bump in the roadway; ineffective and unneeded, and that they end up being more of an irritant than helpful. The fast speed of the world spins by without a 2nd a review. Experience and interests seem to be a thing of the past. Their sexuality is however a distant memory. With shaking hands, and broken hearts they have a hard time to get through the lonely days and nights.

Dome elders have no concept where the cash will originate from to manage another dish, sandwich or cup of coffee. They have no place to live, no where to put the few ownerships they handled to keep. And, maybe they have no one that cares enough about them to provide shelter, food or support of any kind. Their kids might be hectic in their own lives, or cannot understand or understand the destruction and worry related to getting old.

Loneliness and anxiety can be insurmountable barriers, and can activate many to captivate suicidal thoughts. For seniors that made bad or unsuccessful choices, the “Golden Years” seem to be just an invention of their imaginations. Too late they understand the options and choices they made, or the paths they went, are difficult to be readjusted, enhanced, or inverted. And, a dark state of depression can be their only buddy.

Pity the one getting old, for you do not understand their stories or the concerns they have to bear. In some cases a smile or a kind word can significantly improve the day for a senior an elderly person. How much effort or time out of your day does it require to smile or say ‘hi?’ How hard is it to acknowledge another’s life? Old individuals are not beasts.

Take note of exactly what you see, because they might be previews of coming destinations that you might have a hard time with, in the not too distant future. Be Beware, be extremely mindful, about the options you make throughout life, due to the fact that what you do now, may very well be exactly what you get. This is because I  still don’t know about old age homes in Uganda.

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AIDS In Uganda-AIDS In Uganda Is Still A Major Hazard

Apart from Ebola no other Pathogen has been more hazardous and fatal for the human citizenry like the HIV virus. For last 18 years, Aids in Uganda, has ended up being a long-term danger and will stay so, because there is still no one human that has been cured from this infection. As we speak, no correct treatment procedure has been found for those already infected; however we have ARVs which have proven effective in slowing down or stopping the development Aids inside an infected person in Uganda and All over the world.

Though sexual contact is still the most common form of transmission of the virus, but likewise through other methods like making use of unsterilized needles for intravenous medicines or by touching any exposed injured part of an AIDS infected individual and so on. Although, there is negative possibility of contacting this virus by contacting unbroken skin, as the HIV doesn’t have the power to permeate.

Thankfully this virus does not transmit through insects or the animals.  However, if a woman is infected by the virus, during the time of a youngster’s birth, the youngster might get infected with the virus

Anyway Uganda has made great strides, despite having about 1.7 infected persons, in curbing the spread of this disease, stopping the negative stigma and encouraging more responsible sexual contact. That is something that must be given recognition. And I hope one day those responsible for the major paradigm shift, be it an individual, the Ugandan Government, or Ngo or a combination of many people, get some kind of recognition. The Aids pandemic was a big one when it came and there is no one I know that was not affected. That is why 90-90-90 strategy should be very much welcome. Let’s embrace it as  we get tested door to door.

Lino is a business consultant for IAA-Resolution health and is willing to help anyone with HIV or the Aids virus navigate through the problem of getting health insurance for Ugandan aids sufferers. Call me for advice at 0792 668138

Hypertension in Uganda And Nitric Oxide Trick

There are 2 crucial aspects about Hypertension in Uganda (high blood pressure) that need to make each and every one of us pay more attention and focus  on this problem- particularly as age increases.

Hypertension in Uganda
Hypertension in Uganda

Regrettably you probably will not find out if you have High Blood Pressure especially in Uganda or Africa, unless a physician or a professional examines you. People struggling with Hypertension in Uganda and Africa at large are frequently not aware of it as they do not experience any signs at all.

Who has High Blood Pressure?
Approximately 3 individuals from 10 in Uganda could do with decreasing their blood pressure. The penalties, if not attended to, can be deadly, with cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and or strokes being the primary offenders.

High blood pressure starts  if the walls of your larger arteries lose their flexibility and become rigid and the small capillary become narrower in time.

What can you do to help to assist lower your blood pressure?
In easy terms, the first thing you had better do is modify your lifestyle fittingly and you must stop smoking, control your weight and minimize your Salt and Alcohol intake to begin with. Enhancing workout levels and also as well as consuming eat fresh fruit and veggies and fruit will also help. And I believe Hypertension in Uganda can be reduced because there is a lot of healthy food, the main one being bananas which is great in potassium-very key in blood pressure regulation.

Current Blood Pressure Research – Nitric Oxide
In 1998 the Nobel Prize for the category “medicine/physiology” was given to 3 researchers who discovered the value of naturally happening Nitric oxide in the human body, and the ability to enhance the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Your vascular system is, in greatly simplified terms, made up of a large system of tubes ranging from huge to minuscule. Your blood flows through these, transporting oxygen as well as nutrients to the entire body. Nitric oxide has actually been revealed to improve the elasticity for that reason permitting blood to flow more quickly and additionally to minute capillaries.

Why is Nitric oxide not being utilized more frequently?
The brief response is that it is a gas, and as an outcome is very tough to inject into the body in a regulated way and effective method. Body builders are currently knowledgeable about this as revealed by the number of items promoted promoting NO (Nitric Oxide) as an Ingredient. Most of these are ineffective. They can be compared to having a lot of milk – but lacking the method to turn the milk into cheese.

The Nobel-Winning research study brought out by the 3 scientists has now been turned into a product which permits the intentional and controlled circulation of Nitric Oxide in the Body method through a patented method which has the advantage of decreasing hypertension. So Hypertension prevalence in Uganda should go down right? Well, Hypertension in Uganda will only go down when such alternatives arrive and people get to know it. Hypertension prevalence in Uganda will also go down if we make better lifestyle choices that includes diet and exercise.

So don’t hesitate to discover more methods to lower high blood pressure problems in Uganda naturally and without Drugs because drugs often have side effects.

So if you have Hypertension in Uganda take heart. There are options available as you can see. And if the above seem to far-fetched, then “Read This.

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Types of Health Insurance in Uganda

cost of healthcare insurance in uganda
cost of healthcare insurance in uganda

When it comes to types of health insurance in Uganda, it really depends on the provider.  They way it is done is similar to the way we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd class in the train.  That is at least for individual health insurance cover in Uganda.  So the more you are willing to pay the higher the cover amounts and the more ailments are covered. But don’t be fooled, the basic private health in Uganda cover is often more than sufficient.

types of health insurance in uganda
types of health insurance in uganda

Then there is also the group cover, which is my favorite because, with this kind of cover, majority of the people in Uganda can have Private  Health care in Uganda. Why do I say that. Well, it really reduces the cost of healthcare insurance in Uganda if yo u do your maths well. The logic is simple, you pay for your premiums before you pay your taxes. So in a way your government ends up meeting the Cost of health insurance in Uganda for you.

cost of healthcare insurance in uganda
cost of healthcare insurance in uganda

And since URA is busy on tax collection in this country,  and Ugandans are the most entrepreneurial people world wide, it means most people simply don’t know but they can pay for their insurance before paying for company taxes if they are a registered business  entity.

For more details how you can go about this  and for private health in Uganda, feel free to call me. even if you are  employed  we can try your employer angle  first . If you set up some meeting I can convince your boss why private health in Uganda would be beneficial for you all. That is if you are not the boss.

If not then we see how you can be covered individually or as a family. For more details please free to call 0758 079 590. I will get you the best deal in town.

Because without any type of health insurance in Uganda, you could  end up here ( My previous post)

Hypertension Statistics In Uganda

I bet you are looking for Hypertension statistics in Uganda and  still yet to find your answer. Well,  I am sorry to say that I am also disappointed that there is no Hypertension statistics in Uganda.  But we can  make  an informed guess. It must be  very high and so many people don’t even know they have it.

Hypertension in Uganda
Hypertension in Uganda

Even I have it or had it  from my genetics. But I took charge early enough. I stopped the heavy drinking, don’t  add salt my food, I take a lot of water and the  best of it all. I jog like crazy. To sweat off the salt that is abundant in our food; even bread. Think I am joking! Just  go for a run the taste your sweat.

You won’t fail to taste a lot of salt.  But some thing also I learnt this week is that most people that have hypertension in Uganda or elsewhere are also over weight. I googled and came up with this, “Is salt making you fat? Now Do you see a connection with running, sweating, losing weight and controlling hypertension.

So while we still go on looking for “Hypertension statistics in Uganda”, or “Burden  of Hypertension  In Uganda” or even “prevalence of hypertension in Uganda” or simply “Hypertension in Uganda”, let’s be hitting the road, once in a while .

Target to run one of the marathons in Kampala or wherever you are. We were not made to just  live the lifestyles that we live currently. We were meant to have a lot of physical activity.  So if you target a marathon, chances are you will run a lot to prepare for it

That is why people in the village do not have issues with Hypertension in Uganda. It  is simple. They do a lot of physical activity, eat organic and healthy foods and do not crave for luxuries as much as we do.

For more tips call me 0n 0758 079590; though I might just sell you cheap and effective health insurance. You really need it if you read this up to here.  And maybe one day I will share with you my Hypertension related story.  And a tip to make you run often. It involves measuring your distance and setting targets. Remember hypertension if left untreated leads to organ failure.

And one more  observation ” Hypertension makes you harsh. Most people that have raging tempers end up being or are hypertensive. So heed my advice and let’s kick this disease out. Today morning I ran 8.1 kms. And in the next few minutes I am doing at least 2 more to make it 10 km. I have a set target of 16, 000 calories to burn this week i.e 4000 per week.