Hypertension Statistics In Uganda

I bet you are looking for Hypertension statistics in Uganda and  still yet to find your answer. Well,  I am sorry to say that I am also disappointed that there is no Hypertension statistics in Uganda.  But we can  make  an informed guess. It must be  very high and so many people don’t even know they have it.

Hypertension in Uganda
Hypertension in Uganda

Even I have it or had it  from my genetics. But I took charge early enough. I stopped the heavy drinking, don’t  add salt my food, I take a lot of water and the  best of it all. I jog like crazy. To sweat off the salt that is abundant in our food; even bread. Think I am joking! Just  go for a run the taste your sweat.

You won’t fail to taste a lot of salt.  But some thing also I learnt this week is that most people that have hypertension in Uganda or elsewhere are also over weight. I googled and came up with this, “Is salt making you fat? Now Do you see a connection with running, sweating, losing weight and controlling hypertension.

So while we still go on looking for “Hypertension statistics in Uganda”, or “Burden  of Hypertension  In Uganda” or even “prevalence of hypertension in Uganda” or simply “Hypertension in Uganda”, let’s be hitting the road, once in a while .

Target to run one of the marathons in Kampala or wherever you are. We were not made to just  live the lifestyles that we live currently. We were meant to have a lot of physical activity.  So if you target a marathon, chances are you will run a lot to prepare for it

That is why people in the village do not have issues with Hypertension in Uganda. It  is simple. They do a lot of physical activity, eat organic and healthy foods and do not crave for luxuries as much as we do.

For more tips call me 0n 0758 079590; though I might just sell you cheap and effective health insurance. You really need it if you read this up to here.  And maybe one day I will share with you my Hypertension related story.  And a tip to make you run often. It involves measuring your distance and setting targets. Remember hypertension if left untreated leads to organ failure.

And one more  observation ” Hypertension makes you harsh. Most people that have raging tempers end up being or are hypertensive. So heed my advice and let’s kick this disease out. Today morning I ran 8.1 kms. And in the next few minutes I am doing at least 2 more to make it 10 km. I have a set target of 16, 000 calories to burn this week i.e 4000 per week.


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