AIDS In Uganda-AIDS In Uganda Is Still A Major Hazard

Apart from Ebola no other Pathogen has been more hazardous and fatal for the human citizenry like the HIV virus. For last 18 years, Aids in Uganda, has ended up being a long-term danger and will stay so, because there is still no one human that has been cured from this infection. As we speak, no correct treatment procedure has been found for those already infected; however we have ARVs which have proven effective in slowing down or stopping the development Aids inside an infected person in Uganda and All over the world.

Though sexual contact is still the most common form of transmission of the virus, but likewise through other methods like making use of unsterilized needles for intravenous medicines or by touching any exposed injured part of an AIDS infected individual and so on. Although, there is negative possibility of contacting this virus by contacting unbroken skin, as the HIV doesn’t have the power to permeate.

Thankfully this virus does not transmit through insects or the animals.  However, if a woman is infected by the virus, during the time of a youngster’s birth, the youngster might get infected with the virus

Anyway Uganda has made great strides, despite having about 1.7 infected persons, in curbing the spread of this disease, stopping the negative stigma and encouraging more responsible sexual contact. That is something that must be given recognition. And I hope one day those responsible for the major paradigm shift, be it an individual, the Ugandan Government, or Ngo or a combination of many people, get some kind of recognition. The Aids pandemic was a big one when it came and there is no one I know that was not affected. That is why 90-90-90 strategy should be very much welcome. Let’s embrace it as  we get tested door to door.

Lino is a business consultant for IAA-Resolution health and is willing to help anyone with HIV or the Aids virus navigate through the problem of getting health insurance for Ugandan aids sufferers. Call me for advice at 0792 668138


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