Obesity in Uganda-Brief International History

A recent study done  has identified obesity in Uganda is currently at 10% of the population. And  why is this bad? It is on the increase and leads to diseases lie cancer, and high blood pressure., diabetes etc.

Obesity occurs when the energy consumption originating from food is stored as fat because the body does not utilize it. Weight problems has rather a big impact in one’s physical health than numerous degenerative conditions. It might even have a much worse effect on a person’s mental health. Throughout the history of weight problems, it had been viewed with appreciation and the opposite amongst cultures and in time.

Looking at the history of weight problems and we’ll find out that this is genuinely an age-old health condition. Ancient Egyptians were said to think about obesity as a disease, having been drawn in a wall of illustrated diseases. Maybe the most well-known and earliest evidence of obesity is the Venus figurines, statuettes of an overweight female torso that most likely had a significant role in rituals. Ancient China has, likewise, been aware of weight problems and the risks that feature it.

They have actually always been a believer of weight problem prevention as crucial to durability. The Aztecs thought that weight problems was paranormal, a sickness from the gods. Hippocrates, the dad of medication, observed that sudden deaths being more common amongst overweight men than lean ones as stated in his writings. However, in particular cultures and areas where food is scarce and poverty is common obesity is viewed a sign of wealth and social status.

To this day, many African tribes still deliberately plumps up a new bride to prepare her for giving birth to kids. Before a wedding can be set, a slim bride-to-be is spoiled to get weight till she reaches the ideal weight.

Putting obesity in Uganda aside. throughout the history of obesity, the public’s view and status of obesity altered significantly in the 1900’s. It troubled the French designer, Paul Poiret who designed skin-revealing clothing for women. About the very same time, the incidence of weight problems started to become prevalent. Later in the 1940’s, Metropolitan Life Insurance released a chart of perfect weights for various heights. They also promoted that weight gain parallel to age is not okay.

The US federal government and the medical society come to be more pro-active with obesity by beginning a crusade touching on it. This was preceded by a research of threat factors and ever since different diet and exercise programs have actually emerged. In 1996, the Body Mass Index (BMI) was published.

The BMI is an analytical estimation and index identified if an individual is overweight or not. At this time, weight problems incidence had risen, led by kids and teen weight problems, tripling in just a couple of brief years, higher than any number in the history of weight problems.

Maybe the most controversial is the independent movie, Super-Size Me. Released in 2004, Super-Size Me was composed, produced and directed by American independent filmmaker, Martin Spurlock in an expedition of the occurrence of weight problems in the USA. He recorded 30 days of his life in an experiment of consuming just McDonald’s food with entirely no exercise. He commenced the test as healthy and trim but became overweight.  His film was thereafter followed by numerous other documentaries and a couple of changes in the McDonald’s menu. The history of weight problems need to be well studied so safety measures can be exercised and thus prevent obesity from dispersing.

For many years and in the history of obesity, it seems to intensify regardless of growing awareness and combating strategies that it has been called an epidemic.

When it comes to obesity in UgandaUganda, we are seeing more and more young people preferring the roasted meat, and western Fast foods and giving Uganda traditional food a wide berth. This is the beginning of problems for Ugandans in the coming years.  That is why Cancer and other lifestyle diseases is on the rise in Uganda. It is caused by a number of factors which includes pollution but also unhealthy eating habits. Only just recently the WHO announced that processed meats do cause cancer, yet processed meat is big business in Uganda. The same report also noted that meat cooked in very hot heat is also dangerous, yet meat roasting in Kampala is legendary. Just go to Kabalagala at night.

Lino is a business consultant for One of the best health insurers in Uganda and has taken a very in interest in the prevailing health standards of his fellow citizens. I am an avid exercise freak and also believe in health insurance, now than lifestyles diseases are on the increase. To reach me call me on 0792 668138 for  the best health insurance package.


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