Yes Dr Ssali Uganda- Self-Healing Is Possible

Many people in Uganda shun herbalists but truth be told, the likes of Dr. Ssali, a Ugandan herbalist, are really healing people.  Why and how?

Have you seen the fantastic documentary The Secret? There are a lot of fantastic life stories informed by numerous individuals who changed their lives themselves in it. One of the stories has to do with Morris E Goodman, or Mr. Success, as they call him. This man made it through after his plane crashed and serious injuries. His spine was broken, he was entirely paralyzed, but he managed to not only endure but to completely recuperate and end up being world-famous. He composed a book The Miracle Man: An Inspiring True Story of Motivation & Courage about how he made it and now he is reading lectures all over the world. So Dr Dr. Ssali of Uganda has something up his sleeve with his claims.

Can individuals recover from AIDS or cancer with no medication at all, but with the power of their mind only? Or with a prayer? There are actual examples. In June, 2007 a 40-year-old man from Malawi declared that he got treated from HIV. Likewise did you hear of the man who got healed by God called Matthew Manning. Again Give Dr. Ssali, of Uganda some credit. Why? I will soon explain it.

Now what about cancer? Some years ago I saw a Discovery Channel program where they narrated of one teenager. The medical professionals diagnosed some form of tumor in his brain which was incurable. But this kid did not fall under despair.  Just  like in  Star Wars, he started visualizing his brain tumor as the Death Star. He imagined his white blood cells as Rebel X-Wing spacecrafs attacking this Death Star. In 2 or 3 months his growth vanished entirely. huh! Dr. Ssali, the Ugandan!!!!!

This is exactly what Akrit, a special kid from India states about his research study in cancer recovery:

“I really made my discovery when I was about eight. I succeeded by reading books on cancer and getting details from the internet. My cure asserts at the adjustment of deformed genes that results in cancer and their efficacious repair either by the activation of enzymes or direct modification of genotoxic drugs.”.

So now the concern is – is it possible to modify and repair the malformed genes? All you need to do is simply envision your discomfort as a dark ball. Imagine beams of light that strike this ball and small pieces of dark that come off from it and vanish forever.

Or envision that your discomfort is a ball of light and use your mind to miniaturize it up until it becomes a tiny dot. Then take this dot and toss it away from your body into the space. I hope that these examples of truly existing people and their self-healing will help you to conquer your illness.

So now you might understand how Dr. Sssali, Uganda’s most prominent herbalist does it.  He has made serious claims that he can heal cancer and AIDS. It all involves telling your brain that you are healing. Most people cannot believe this on their own. So someone had to do his thing to make you believe in yourself and in this case Dr. Ssali, Uganda’s well known herbalist.

But let’s be honest. This is a whole new area of knowledge to most of us and right now health insurance is our quick reprieve. Time and commitment  are not on our side. And for something to work in the self healing process, one must have very very strong faith. Which is very rare according to Dr Ssali. Uganda is a very religious country. But the faith in deliverance is kinda wanting.

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