Health Care Insurance Plans For Ugandans

If you are an Ugandan, and you lack health insurance  or know people who are already ill, I hope to present some options for you.

Individual Health Insurance
For someone that doesn’t have a serious medical issue, and you are legitimately healthy, you might notice that a private medical approach is very budget-friendly. It is really a false impression that group plan are always inexpensive than individual plans. Due to the fact that insurance companies can finance each applicant, they may really be able to provide lower rates for healthier individuals. But unfortunately in the Ugandan market which is still very small, this is not possible or applicable at the moment.

If you have a choice to extend your group advantages or purchase private protection, simply make certain the new strategy will allow you to cover the benefits you require. It is hard, for example, to get individual strategies that cover typical pregnancy.

But if you are allowed—which a lot of the majority of people in fairly excellent health must be—and the strategy pleases your requirements, you might be very happy with carrying your own health strategy.

Group Medical Cover

This is often offered to  registered companies and societies and has advantages over individual cover just the same way a bulk purchaser has at a shop. Insurance is about managing risk and the more  the group is the more the inherent or real risk is divided among the group. If ten people pay Ugx 10,000 and one person needs Ugx 20,000 for medical treatment, the insurer will get the person’s UGX 10,00 plus one other individual in the  group’s Ugx 10,000 and pay the medicals. But its not as profitable as it seems. Sometime one person consumes the Ugx 100,00 on their medicals. All in all the chances, are lower than someone who walks in to buy insurance. Most often than not people buy what they need immediately. So you see the risk issue and preference for groups?

Public Health Insurance Programs
If you have a really low earnings, and few assets, you might certify for Medicaid in some countries but not Uganda. This is often a government program to guarantee against health problems. Moderate earnings households in this case look at Health Insurance as some sort of microfinance loan.  However this kind of system can only work for lower medical costs

What To Do If You Have No Health Insurance currently.
I would advise everyone to figure out how they can obtain health insurance coverage as rapidly as possible. For example, you should try make an application for a personal policy when you are healthy! You must attempt to apply for a private policy when you are healthy! You are most likely not going to discover coverage from a private company after you are already ill or hurt. If you do get an approach that takes you, it will undoubtedly be far pricier. That is how insurance coverage works.

It is always much better to plan ahead. Obviously, this is not always possible. If you have an existing health problem, and no health insurance, you need to look at some of the alternatives we listed.

I am a professional in the insurance industry can get you an incredibly customized offer for your needs.  Call me on 0792 668138.


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