The Case For Group Health Insurance In Uganda

The term Group Health Insurance, in Uganda, suggests that the a group of people in have been taken for cover as a group or company. Normally this cover applies to companies, but these days it is anyone that has a registered group.  Group health insurance consist of company sponsored Group Health Insurance (in Uganda) is usually the least costly kind of health insurance.

Group Health Insurance In Uganda
Group Health Insurance In Uganda

Some companies offer only one health insurance plan and others provide a range of plans like indemnity plan, health management organization (HMO), or a preferred provider organization (PPO). Single health insurance plans is famous in Uganda currently.

Indemnity health insurance plans provides you the advantage of choosing a licensed doctor of your liking  and after that paying him or her for their services when you visit them. To receive payment for medical costs you have to fill a form and send them to the insurance company. Often your doctor may do this for you.

You likewise have to keep invoices for prescription drugs. If you desire this kind of insurance coverage, you need to monitor all your medical expenditures. This type of plan is primarily common when one is in rural locations. Certain features include your option of deductibles, coinsurance levels, maximums and benefit levels.

In HMO, or health maintenance organization you have to pay a month-to-month cost called a premium. However you can’t select a certified physician of your selection in this kind of health insurance.

In Uganda IAA- Resolution health offers a big variety of doctor networks who offer a broad range of medical advantages. We have individual plans and Group Health Insurance (in Uganda) plan. From their network of doctors, you are free to pick a primary care doctor or doctors who will care for your health relevant problems. The choice of physicians and hospitals are limited to those within the network because they have service contracts with the medical provider to supply your health care. The health care services typically need you making a co-payment. But with IAA-Resolution medical insurance.

I am a health insurance consultant for the best health insurance company in Uganda, in my opinion. I have looked at what we have as a company especially Group Health Insurance (in Uganda) and feel confident that I am providing Ugandans with more value for their money. My number is 0792 668138 for inquiries.


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