Countering Occupational Stress In Uganda

There are many things, routines (and most likely some people) that are robbing us of our valuable energy and time by piling onto our occupational stress; in Uganda especially.

There’s the gossiping by the workplace water cooler, the senseless searching around on the internet, the stressing over if so and so likes us, and so on and on! Without talking too much, there are a few things we can do to improve  or rather lessen our  occupational stress in Uganda


Occupational Stress In Uganda
Occupational Stress In Uganda

About 6 weeks ago I realized just how addicted I was to seeing certain television programs. There was the Tuesday night program I felt I HAD to enjoy and the Friday night program that still calls my name, even now. Chances are you understand what I mean. Football, soaps etc

I ‘d even discover myself getting somewhat disappointed, or upset, if there was a power blackout, the show was a re-run, or something  I didn’t find of specific interest. What a waste of energy! And this was happening after work. So how was it affecting my occupational stress in Uganda. Well, television was managing my off-work life. It was time for some modifications! Occupational stress in Uganda was killing me. Initially, I stopped viewing the regularly scheduled programs to which I was addicted. I stopped watching the frequently set up programs to which I was addicted. Whoa …withdrawal symptoms big time. And, what was I to do with myself with all this additional time?

I did continue viewing the night news for some time longer …consistently from 7:30 pm through 8:30 pm. My justification for this was that we MUST remain informed about exactly what’s going on throughout our world. Right? I mean, exactly what will somebody believe if I am not familiar with exactly what’s happening 15,000 miles away? Get real …Will I be able do a thing about that nevertheless!

Fascinating though, all the while I was watching the news, I understood I was hearing primarily propaganda and seeing award winning displays of sensationalism. Talk about occupational stress in Uganda and this was just piling it on.

I think I needed to somehow find satisfaction in learning other things.  There was not much I could do to change my work brought on occupational stress. In Uganda, if your boss is a brat or if your colleagues are brats, you cannot really do much. But you can lessen your occupational stress in Uganda by living near you work place to reduce travel to work and from work time. You can avoid the crazy jams. You can avoid the 6pm crowds going home from work.

Finally, I understood that even with all the numerous years of occupational stress In Uganda and trying to raise my well being by purchasing the latest gadgets and stuff,  by  trying  separate them from those that have no real and long lasting value, I was still being drawn into and purchasing into the mass hysteria thrown at me. I was still connected!

I finally recognized that my sitting in front of the tube viewing and listening to all the unfavorable and inclined news served no beneficial purpose whatsoever …not for me, not for those close to me, nor for any individual else in this Universe. All I was doing was supporting the news media, which is managed by the news mongers, and supporting the attempts of the government to impart fear and control over the masses .. including me!

Now that I’ve been 6 weeks without the news, I understand that it kept me in a state of fear and low level anxiety. This was refined, yet enough to rob me of a few of my precious energy and time. And, as refined as it was, this fear and depression sufficed to keep me from entirely developing the truth as I wanted it.

Had I in fact gotten sucked  into exactly what was being said on the news, a lot more of my energy would have been robbed and far more of the energy of worry would have entered my being. Thus many others, I would have been unconsciously and totally brainwashed.

These days  my time is best invested spreading out the energy of peace and empathy in my own yard.

Regarding the preliminary concern, “What to do with all this additional time”? I now invest this time in activities that feed my mind, body and soul with positive food. Activities, such as: strolls in nature, checking out a good esoteric type book like one on meditating, Reiki, tai chi, exercises and/or just doing definitely nothing however possibly gazing at this beautiful and abundant Universe of ours!

I still enjoy the periodic TV program …more especially, a high energy and favorable program  The difference now is that I am  in control of how I spend my energy and time  outside work.If you haven’t done this currently, I motivate you to at least experiment for 30 days with that I have actually discussed in this article. You simply may be shocked at exactly what you discover. Dare to be different. Start now to gain the benefits of ‘energizing yourself through unplugging’!

I work for the insurance industry in Uganda and believe in prevention rather than cure. But with today”s stress, pollution and lifestyle problems, I believe having health insurance cover is also critical if you want to live to be old like president Mugabe. Well, even reaching 50 years is now considered such a big privilege.  Call me on 0792 668138 for more details.  Occupational stress in Uganda need not be killing you softly


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