Coconut Oil-Should Make Healthy Foods In Uganda

Supporters and marketers of coconut oil claim that it is beneficial to everything from hair and skin to heart and kidney health to HIV and cancer. That’s a tall order and definitely one that raises alarm bells in numerous minds in Uganda-especially those aware of healthy foods in Uganda.So should it make it among the healthy foods in Uganda. Or is it a marketing buzz or something akin to it?

Healthy Foods In Uganda
Healthy Foods In Uganda

For over 4000 years, coconut oil has been used as food and as a pharmaceutical product. And in pre-WWII America coconut and other tropical oils prevailed a lot. In the 1950’s that changed. The American soy bean and corn markets began to dominate the market and led an aggressive marketing campaign stating that “saturated fat is unhealthy”.

The end result is that tropical oils were swapped with polyunsaturated oils. That is how coconut oil slithered into obscurity. Too bad, because it hasn’t yet made the list as one of the healthy foods in Uganda.

In other parts of the the world, it has now picked up and is being marketed by manufacturers and sellers as the healthier choice but experts on healthy foods in Uganda have not picked it up really .

Unfortunately, many of the claims by coconut oil manufacturers are exaggerated, unverified or do not have extensive research to back them up. Perhaps that why it has failed to make it a one of the healthy foods in Uganda.

Nevertheless coconut oil stays a distinct oil due to the fact that it consists of lauric acid (50 %), capric acid and caprylic acid.It has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities and is an anti-oxidant.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil:
– It is a standard component in lots of skin and hair items. It is a fantastic moisturizer and can be made use of pure and applied directly on the skin.

– It helps to maintain a healthy weight. While it has only somewhat less calories than other fats, it is quickly transformed into energy. It enhances energy and stamina, and reduces appetite. It is likewise believed to improve thyroid function.

– Anti-microbal qualities reinforce the immune system and assist your body to deal with germs, fungi and parasites. This enhances food digestion and can aid with digestion issues such as cranky bowel syndrome. Its anti-fungal properties can assist getting rid of candida. So should this be made one of the healthy foods in Uganda?

I am not done! So if it doesn’t, then let’s continue.

Unlike polyunsaturated vegetable oils, it is a steady oil that does not go rancid when not cooled. Nor does it release complimentary radicals when cooking on a high heat. That is why I hope healthy foods in Uganda fanatics are reading.

To enjoy its benefits, it’s finest to utilize organic virgin coconut oil. A lot of non-organic oil is refined, bleached and deodorized and will contain chemicals made use of in processing. Organic virgin is devoid of chemicals. It is not refined, bleached, hydrogenated or deodorized. Unlike olive oil, there is no distinction in between virgin and extra virgin.

But how much is one to take to delight its health benefits if now you are convinced that it should make it to the list of healthy foods in Uganda?

Well, it is ideal to take 3 to 4 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil daily. This suffices to assist improve their immune system. It can trigger queasiness in some individuals so begin with 1/2 teaspoon and develop more intake in time. However, care should be taken by people with high cholesterol if it is to make it as one of the healthy foods in Uganda. We don’t want to add problems to problems. And we certainly don’t want it to fail making it to the list of healthy foods in Uganda.

In spite of the marketing buzz and overstated claims by sellers and producers, virgin organic coconut oil is a healthful and beneficial oil that has a place in any healthy diet plan. So I don’t see why it should not make it as one of the healthy foods in Uganda one day. Yes, Uganda has no coconuts but hey, the border is open for trade.

Read more about the benefits of coconut oil  and get on the band wagon. Call me on 0792 668138  for your insurance plans, as that is what I do on a daily basis; providing Ugandans with the best

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