Use Medicinal Plants And Biodiversity In Uganda To Heal

Those who have had positive results utilizing alternative recovery therapies  from medicinal plants and biodiversity in Uganda are often shocked by the intense resistance that they  get in the media  when it comes to alternative medicine. The root of this resistance is frequently backed by Westernization.

Medicinal Plants And Biodiversity In Uganda
Medicinal Plants And Biodiversity In Uganda

It is not unusual to find fictitious articles written to disprove alternative healing techniques as unscientific. These projects are commonly targeted at homeopathy. Exactly what are their motives for attacking natural therapies since medicinal plants and biodiversity in Uganda is so rich?

The answer to this is easy. Individuals are discovering that the most efficient treatment for the lots of disorders that they succumb to are actually  those that assist the body trigger its own terrific capability to recover itself. It is in the interest of Western Medicine to position the drugs they produce as the only effective way to deal with the “susceptible” body. They require to perpetuate the myth that the body is defenseless when it comes to the the myriad germs, viruses and bacteria that would otherwise conquer us if it was not for their drugs. So they try to downplay medicinal plants and biodiversity in Uganda that are turning to be a great arsenal against diseases.

Any mass conversion of individuals to more natural treatments would threaten their sales and put their share cost at risk. Can you think of the situation where people begin to take more responsibility for their health? Where they begin consuming the ideal foods, working out more and trusting their own body’s fantastic healing powers. If people got to understand medical plant and biodiversity in Uganda better wouldn’t  individuals not feel the requirement to get in touch with a physician for every small ailments.

This would lead to less prescriptions  and for this reason less drug sales. A whole market of doctors, chemists and drugs companies have vested interests in perpetuating the myth of the weak and susceptible body. It is for this reason  that there is a lot of investment in big Public Relations to discredit all forms of natural treatments.

Consumer rights groups supporting the natural therapies markets are however combating back. Numerous thousands of grassroots supporters of natural health are spreading the word. As a result Huge Pharma are losing the war. This can be borne out by:

  • Public viewpoint towards drug business is at an all-time low.
    • More customers are turning to natural treatments for conditions and health conditions.
  • The appeal of homeopathy, acupuncture and natural medication is at an all-time high and remains to increase!
    • People are lastly beginning to understand that they are being ripped off by a profit-minded market charging them the greatest prices worldwide for medications that are neither safe nor effective.
  •  A strong pattern highly in favor of natural, sustainable living!
    It is therefore not unexpected that the Pharma industry is stressed about these trends and the effect it will have on their medical monopoly. .

If it weren’t for health insurance coverage not covering naturopathic therapies, a lot more people would now select natural treatments instead of drugs and surgical treatment. If health medical insurance covered homeopathy, naturopathy, natural medication and acupuncture it is likely that there would be a massive step far from medical professionals, drug business and harmful cancer treatments. By restricting consumers’ options, feeding them propaganda and limiting access to natural therapies that really work, they have the ability to survive and prosper.

But this are just my views. The damage has been done regarding  the use of medicinal plants and biodiversity in Uganda. The knowledge about medicinal plants and biodiversity in Uganda has not been passed on from the older generation to the newer generations.

So for now , to be safe, one needs a good medical healthcare system. The hassles and bustle of white collar jobs, doesn’t allow for fresh experiments when it comes to healthcare. Call me 0n 0792 668138 if you need advice on  the best private health care in Uganda or insurance in general. I can provide you the best plans for the budget conscience citizen.


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