Occupational Stress In Uganda Due To Pregnancy

When it comes to occupational stress in Uganda,  isn’t it  amusing that majority of times when people point out depression in relationship to pregnancy, they are speaking about the baby blues. Or that time after a female has a child and she is feeling frustrated and having a bout of anxiety. But what many individuals do not discuss is anxiety DURING pregnancy that is leading to occupational stress in Uganda for women that have just given birth and have gone back to work.

About one in 10 ladies have random incidences of anxiety during their pregnancy.

Occupational Stress In Uganda Due To Pregnancy
Occupational Stress In Uganda Due To Pregnancy

The Symptoms of Depression due to occupational stress in Uganda.
Depression can be a little odd or full blown and evident even for normal working glass. If you are experiencing 3 or more of the following for more than a week, then you might be experiencing depression:

  • Fatigue and problem sleeping combined with sensations of hopelessness and despair
  • Lack of concentration
  • Going through your day feeling unfortunate and sad.

  • Just not taking pleasure in anything you usually would delight in.
  • Never-ending tiredness
  • A desire to eat all the time or simply not wishing to eat all.

If you have ideas of injuring yourself or your symptoms prevent you from doing your day-to-day activities then you must seek instant medical attention. This is a sign of occupational stress in Uganda.

If you suspect that you are suffering from occupational stress in Uganda, you can ask your doctor, or midwife, for a referral to a good psychiatrist or good psychologist.

Most often times it is females who are expecting a kid that suffer the most occupational stress in Uganda. And most try conceal the truth that they have sensations of anxiety since a lot of individuals around them instantly presume that they must feel rejoiceful.

But, lots of women do not feel joyful while bring up their child and lots of factors can trigger this to be so in Uganda. It is not just occupational stress in Uganda for women.

Hormonal changes – Hormones changing can result in feelings of anxiety both throughout and after pregnancy. Physicians used to think that pregnancy hormones protected women from depression.  However that is just not true for every single lady.

You or a household member of the family is likely to experiences depression – If you have a history of anxiety or someone in your immediate household. You might be more prone to anxiety during pregnancy ofcourse. In this case occupational stress in Uganda due to pregnancy will hit you hard.

An unintended pregnancy – Discovering you are pregnant at a time when you just started a brand-new job, when you already are stressing over other things.

Previous fertility treatments or miscarriage – If you have experienced an earlier miscarriage, then the possibility of you feeling concerned and difficult is greater. The same thing applies for fertility treatments since that procedure in itself is stressful and emotional. Either way you could feel horrified that you may lose the baby you are now expecting and this can lead to stress and anxiety and depression.

A demanding life – If you are living an already super-stressful and hectic life, having a pregnancy in it can seem somewhat overpowering. Enough said about occupational stress in Uganda due to pregnancy though. Just take precaution and reduce it.  Find a way to go about it at your work place.

About me.

I am  a health insurance Consultant. Call me on 0792 668138 on any medical insurance query in Uganda. I could take away occupational stress in Uganda due to pregnancy if contacted early.


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