Plan B: Traditional Medicine Practice In Uganda

Traditional medicine practice in Uganda  could have been considered a dying art. But not anymore. Why do you think mama Fina is in business still!

Here’s a pint-size fact when it comes to getting well. … While physicians that practice modern medicine in Uganda can talk  about drugs and surgical treatment, few are equipped to talk about traditional medicine practice in Uganda.. For this reason, there is soon going to be demand for holistic physicians and not just doctors that practice modern or traditional medicine practice in Uganda.

Traditional Medicine Practice In Uganda
Traditional Medicine Practice In Uganda

Holistic medical physicians take all the aspects of your health into account when developing a course towards health. Holistic medicine is, simply, medication that treats you as an entire person and will include modern medicine and traditional medicine.

Holistic medical professionals bring nutrition, way of life changes and psychological health into the picture. In some cases we draw from other medical systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine,  chiropractic, Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, naturopathic and  now holistic medicine.

A rich and powerful kind of healthcare in Uganda will in future include traditional medicine practice in Uganda and right dieting, which will go well beyond the restricted scope you get in conventional medicine.

So Is Medicine Shifting To Be Holistic? Presently, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in how medication is practiced worldwide. Many doctors have realized the limits to standard health care and have actually taken the effort to broaden their expertise. So the practice of traditional medicine in Uganda is not going to die.

Likewise, millions of people have actually taken control of their health and now look out for holistic medical professionals, choosing care that concentrates on wellness.

It is even good that some medical insurance companies have covered some holistic treatments like acupuncture. However, standard medicine, in lots of aspects, also appears to be evolving. So is there a chance for  traditional medicine practice in Uganda? That’s the question.

When it comes to medical college and vital nutrition, sadly, the results of a research did in the US in 2010, found fewer medical schools surveyed in 2010 required a devoted nutrition course as part of their graduation demands and the average number of hours each student spent studying nutrition had actually dropped as well. Likewise the study of  Traditional medicine practice in Uganda in not offered as either a degree course or even a unit in medical oriented degrees. In fact people like Dr Sali and Mama Fina, that practice traditional medicine in Uganda are sort of shunned off by the middle and upper class citiznery.

As for the US,  by not teaching much about nutrition, doctors are losing out on some important aspects of healing. However, thanks to a growing body of research we now understand what nutrition does more for our health than medication.  Let’s look at a few examples …

Some few nuts a day can do more good to your heart than statins. Fish oil can do more for depression than antidepressants;  And digestion enzymes beat out prescription anti-inflammatories for joint pain and muscle issues. However despite this proof, if medical professionals want to look into nutrition in any meaningful way, they have to discover it by themselves time. And this is what Traditional medicine practice in Uganda  focuses on. A bit of herbs here and there but also nutrition. This is not taugh at medical school.

Other healing methods like acupuncture, meditation and natural medication that have strong research behind them are also being neglected in medical schools. This is regardless of the truth many of these “alternative” healing strategies yield better results than Western medication and are typically much safer with less adverse effects.

In addition, at a time when the costs of health care is getting everybody’s interest – traditional medicine practice in Uganda is practically often far more cost effective. But there is a knowledge transfer gap and non-recognition by the government. It is like traditional medicine practice in Uganda is for witchdoctors or dark forces.

But there are many ways to expand your health care options with a holistic doctor today, thanks to the global info age and the remarkable quantity of research study on non-conventional healing. So you don’t just have to look for  a healer that practices traditional medicine practice in Uganda, now we have access to more healing knowledge than before; thanks to the internet.

There truly is no reason for doctors to overlook the resources we have at our disposal to assist our clients enjoy health. And – as the number of people utilizing holistic physicians demonstrates – clients do not get that reason either.

Excellent health is the result of your whole body interacting in relative consistency. As a physician, their expert obligation is meant to assist you discover the very best way to do this. And this has been found after decades of practice – and from tackling our own health difficulties – this means stepping outside of the restraints of conventional medicine.

By straddling these 2 worlds of recovery, we are bringing huge modifications to medication that benefits everybody. By bringing in nutrition, acupuncture, herbal understanding and other practices we make healthcare more thorough, more efficient and even more budget-friendly. That is why the best healers in Uganda in the future will be those that have knowledge of Western medicine and also traditional medicine practice in Uganda.

They will be better able to heal their patients based on the  best healing option—considering quick recovery, less side effects, least cost, and more long term good health.

About me

I am not doctor, but I have taken a very keen interest in my health. I can be reached on 0792 668138 for private insurance advice in Uganda. I am also a fitness and nutrition freak. Uganda has the best food supply but we are loosing it out on how it is prepared and how we combine the foods. So I am an advocate for modern and traditional medicine In Uganda coming together to form hollistic medicine.


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