Some Advice On Chronic Kidney Disease In Uganda

Chronic kidney disease in Uganda is rising. And one cause is Kidney stones! Yes, they really harm! And they’re on the increase.

That’s right. Chronic Kidney disease in Uganda is becoming more and more common. It is becoming what many would think about as an epidemic.

Everywhere you turn, somebody states something like “It’s the highest recorded pain I’ve ever felt, and that was my second one”-according to one kidney disease in Uganda expert.

Or this one, “Where’s Martin? I heard he’s in the hospital with a kidney stone, again!”chronic-kidney-disease-in-uganda.jpg

What’s going on?- the kidney disease in Uganda expert adds.

Well, why are a growing number of individuals being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in Uganda? If it not kidney stones, it’s chronic kidney failure.

As an nsurance agent,  I have actually seen numerous discussions on this incredibly painful condition. Furthermore, just this last year, I had 3 buddies who were not sick people but had actually had an issue with this problem. One was an extremely young lady I deal with who practices a very healthy lifestyle.

I need to inform you that I was astounded by her graphic complaint of discomfort, loss of work, and worry of ongoing attacks. She was really scared of another stone. This girl is in her twenties, is a physical trainer, and states there was no family history of urinary stones till her lengthy presentation to an emergency situation  last April, when a stone in her  ureter doubled her misery. Chronic kidney disease in Uganda is here people.

Exactly what’s going on? By the way, did you  know that there is a popular region in the United States called “the kidney stone belt”. It exists essentially due to 3 factors. Oneis that it is a pretty warm place- just like Uganda.

Secondly, dehydration is common because it’s warm-Hmmmm! Just here in Uganda where kidney disease is rising.

And thirdly, folks there, eat lots of greens-which applies to our dear country as well.

People there, remain in the heat about 8 months from the year. Dehydration tends to result in crystals of ionic electrolyte minerals in the kidneys, the biggest of these being calcium. But what’s interesting, is it truly isn’t the calcium that’s the perpetrator in many kidney stones. It’s another salting agent we call oxalic acid. And when it acts upon calcium it ends up becoming calcium oxalate. The same applies here where kidney disease in Uganda is getting a foothold. Only just recently, the issue of contaminated salt from a neighbouring country become an issue of concern, even attracting the concern of parliamentarians.

So why is it happening everywhere now? Why is chronic Kidney disease in Uganda on the rise?

Our modern lifestyles is the most likely wrongdoer. Think about what we we do on a weekly basis. We are more mobile than ever.

Oxylates are a huge component of “greens”. Popular in food like spinach, Sukuma wiki in Uganda. The outcome is a great deal of distressing back pain and kidney illness in Ugandainduced by way of life, and environment.

Another factor increasing the incidence of chronic Kidney disease in Uganda is the drinking. What has ended up being a big fad in the last 15 years, is that we are drinking increasingly more coffee and drinking more alcohol.And you wonder why Chronic kidney disease in Uganda is increasing!

Bear in mind that  alcohol and caffeine not only cheers us up, but it hinders a crucial chemical in our bodies so-called the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). This is a compound that acts upon the distal convoluted tubule in the kidney specifically called a nephron.

ADH works to save fluids in our bodies. So caffeine dehydrates directly, and can assist promote and form crystals in the kidney. Chronic kidney disease in Uganda results eventually.

Alcohol, causes dehydration through respiration and “insensible water loss”, which worsens an already dehydrated situation. And in our breakneck Ugandan business way of lives, in a mostly hot day, we move around dehydrated most of the time because we do not drink sufficient water anyway. So if you wonder why chronic kidney disease in Uganda is increasing then you have some clues now.

The utmost common urinary stone is what we call the “calcium oxalate stone”. These are mace like, spiculed and barbed stones which stick and cut through the kidney after being dislodged. This sounds terrifying, however usually isn’t very unpleasant, although, sometimes extremely unpleasant. Uric acid and other stones can do this too.

What you need to comprehend is that the ureters, the tubes that link the kidneys to the bladder, although they can hold up against squashing, they do not do well with distension. If a stone lodges someplace in this tube on its way out, the result is urinary distension behind the stone and agonizing pain explained by some women, as intense as the discomfort during labor contractions! This illness is christened “hydronephrosis” and is the real center of kidney stone discomfort and Chronic kidney disease in Uganda.

Generally a client comes to the emergency room in fulminate discomfort. They are provided with discomfort medication and antiemetics which quickly fixes the  discomfort and also permits the ureter to relax and allow the stones passage.  Then they use a CAT scanner to do a ‘stone hunt’ normally sending you home with more medication, and organizing follow ups with a kidney cosmetic surgeon, called a Urologist. Yeah, if things worsen they either blast the stone with ultrasound (The Lithotripter) or operate on you.

But of late attention has been turning to towards natural medicine, which in current years reveals interesting outcomes. Based primarily on anecdotal research studies, these therapies have become the most made use of for kidney stones in the western world.

One technique is to liquefy the stones immediately with mixes of oils and herbs.

Another, solution which is referred to as quite common in Europe, is to consume soda and eat asparagus. The approach we have found most intriguing for calcium oxalate stones is the “olive oil and lemon juice” strategy. This method is described all over the web. So Chronic kidney disease in Uganda in a way can be avoided.

As for alcohol intake, why not try to drink water as you drink alcohol. Especially if you are a heavy drinker?  This will go along way in helping stop chronic kidney failure in Uganda too.

I am a health freak and believe in optimum health. That is why I work for the a health insurance company in Uganda. Call me on 0753 808509  if you need good and cheap medical insurance across East Africa. We have shared plans and as your account manager I will ensure you have access to the right hospitals and ensure you do your free and full yearly comprehensive check ups that we give our clients.


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