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Finding the right Medical Insurance companies in Uganda ‎ for your self, family or company can be a mine-field of sorts. I have come across so many people in the course of my work that have changed insurers from time to time. And even though sometimes the problem is the insurer either failing to match their products and current operations to the client needs, sometimes I blame the insurance agent.

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When it comes to Medical Insurance companies in Uganda, most insurance agents are extremely aggressive when it comes to getting business but do very little when it comes to servicing their clients. It is my sincere hope that this trend will change eventually.
Due to my customer service background, and interpersonal skills, I feel the way insurance agents  work ought to be changed, either willingly or through market forces. For one, dropping multiple paper based proposals at companies will have to change. Sooner of later!
Six years down the line, companies are going to get buried by paper proposals.  Perhaps, we will instead go green and concentrate on email based proposals. Even though they might be subject to the same treatment at the clients’ side, at least a lot of forests will be saved.
Uncoordinated visits by multiple agents from the same insurer or different one will have to change too. So will the constant emails that simply aim to forcefully keep agents in the face of the clients. Instead clients should have the option to  opt in and out of email ‎newsletters.
The time has come for agents to work smart, for agents to attract clients to whoever they work for. “The time has come when insurance needs to stop being a nuisance but a valuable instrument to minimize risk,” said one customer I met recently. While he was  wrong on the nuisance part, I could feel his frustration. It was the “how” not the “what” that was the nuisance.
The other thing that will knock, medical insurance in Uganda agents out of the game if they don’t change, is the fact that brokers are using less aggressive strategies. For one, they are not under pressure to sell the products for a particular client. Metaphorically, they are the equivalent of the modern day supermarket. The customer is allowed free entry and free exit into the shop without pressure to buy and somehow sales are coming in.
The medical insurance in Uganda agent, on the other hand, is a one product shop that is trying to survive. You do the maths there. Both can really sell, but the one product shop has to be a bit smarter. Either the owner has to have a very unique and highly demanded product or use the method that is not client friendly.”
That is why I think the time has come when the client is heard when it comes to Medical Insurance in Uganda agents going about their work. After all in this time and age, the client is king.
So Medical Insurance in Uganda agents,  need to read the fine line on the future.  Which, on it own, is not really a bad thing. As an industry we must strive to improve out approaches and services. And in an age of empowered consumers, we cannot use the shove-down-the throat-tactic or promise- heaven-and deliver- hell strategy.
That is why going forward as a agent of Medical Insurance in Uganda, I pledge to increase my clientele base by getting referrals based on my currently happy clients. I pledge to put my potential clients needs first. I pledge to fully understand those needs first. And lastly I pledge to unbiasedly advice my clients on the right insurer based on their needs. Call me on 0753 808509 for free advice and no obligation quotes.
The order of conducting insurance sales practice in Uganda must constantly change for the better if this industry is to grow.
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