Cheap Medical Insurance In Uganda

So you want cheap medical insurance cover in Uganda for your family or yourself. Well, it is possible so long as you look through the finer details of the offerings in the market. Unfortunately the national health insurance fund in Uganda did not materialize and the incidence of lifestyle diseases is on the rise led by the big one, Cancer. And the city pollution, preferred leisure foods etc are not playing for you but against you.

So cheap medical insurance it is?

While this  appears straight forward to me, for  I work in the industry, it obviously was not initially the case for most of my clients.

cheap insurance
Cheap insurance

The reason is cheap is relative. As in, are you looking at the amount of money you pay upfront? What about the offering you get? For example the number of hospitals and also the quality of the medical care you get from the hospitals you sign up for?  What about accessibility? For example, for what you pay for do you get a hospital in areas you frequent or stay or even work? Did you pay cheap medical insurance for hospitals in Busia, yet you are based in Masaka?

The other thing is the amounts the insurer will pay for the  particular treatments. For example the insurer can say they will pay you UGX 2 Million for outpatient services but only agree to pay UGX 200,000 for diabetes medicine. And what if diabetes was the reason you decided to get insurance in the first place?

It sounds like a mine field right!

Actually it is. And just like a doctor listening to your symptoms, I will take my time to freely explain to you our insurance package and how you stand to gain the most by signing up with my insurer of choice.  And if you have a particular preference, no problem. I will ensure that you get what you want. After all, we still have to be budget conscious no matter what way we want to look at it.  Call me on +256 0753 808509 for free help.





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