Insurance Premium Financing-Uganda

Have you been worried about the big insurance insurance premiums that insurance companies ask that you pay before giving you insurance? Well, if your answer is yes, then worry no Banks in Uganda in conjunction  with insurers have come up  with an easier way to pay for your premiums. It is called Insurance Premium Financing.

This is basically a of loan from your bank that is directly paid to your insurer to offer you insurance as you pay the banks slowly according to the terms of agreement.

Yes, loan!!! But do no cringe. Most Insurance Premium Financing are well negotiated by insurance companies as the general agreement is to to boost the number of  the insured and make small profit from the numbers of people taking it up.

The plan is not to choke you in debt. That could be self-defeating for Insurance Premium Financing banks, especially to the insurance industry that is seeking to take you on board and not send you packing back to the village in big debt. Currently the following banks are very clear about their offer with regards to Insurance Premium Financing:-

  1. DFCU Bank-Insurance Premium Financing.
  2. CBAInsurance Premium Financing.
  3. Standard Chartered-Insurance Premium Financing.
  4. Banks of BarodaInsurance Premium Financing.
  5. Diamond Trust UgandaInsurance Premium Financing.

  6. Imperial Bank LimitedInsurance Premium Financing.

  7. NIC BANKInsurance Premium Financing.

Of course the Insurance Premium Financing list in longer than this. If you are in need of medical Insurance Premium Financing, please feel free to call me on 0753 808509.   For information about my work approach click here. 

Not only will you get financed, you will get quality medical insurance and amazing after sales service. You will be left saying thanks to Insurance Premium Financing. That is if it  were a human being.








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