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Insurance Premium Financing-Uganda

Have you been worried about the big insurance insurance premiums that insurance companies ask that you pay before giving you insurance? Well, if your answer is yes, then worry no Banks in Uganda in conjunction  with insurers have come up  with an easier way to pay for your premiums. It is called Insurance Premium Financing.

This is basically a of loan from your bank that is directly paid to your insurer to offer you insurance as you pay the banks slowly according to the terms of agreement.

Yes, loan!!! But do no cringe. Most Insurance Premium Financing are well negotiated by insurance companies as the general agreement is to to boost the number of  the insured and make small profit from the numbers of people taking it up.

The plan is not to choke you in debt. That could be self-defeating for Insurance Premium Financing banks, especially to the insurance industry that is seeking to take you on board and not send you packing back to the village in big debt. Currently the following banks are very clear about their offer with regards to Insurance Premium Financing:-

  1. DFCU Bank-Insurance Premium Financing.
  2. CBAInsurance Premium Financing.
  3. Standard Chartered-Insurance Premium Financing.
  4. Banks of BarodaInsurance Premium Financing.
  5. Diamond Trust UgandaInsurance Premium Financing.

  6. Imperial Bank LimitedInsurance Premium Financing.

  7. NIC BANKInsurance Premium Financing.

Of course the Insurance Premium Financing list in longer than this. If you are in need of medical Insurance Premium Financing, please feel free to call me on 0753 808509.   For information about my work approach click here. 

Not only will you get financed, you will get quality medical insurance and amazing after sales service. You will be left saying thanks to Insurance Premium Financing. That is if it  were a human being.







Cheap Medical Insurance In Uganda

So you want cheap medical insurance cover in Uganda for your family or yourself. Well, it is possible so long as you look through the finer details of the offerings in the market. Unfortunately the national health insurance fund in Uganda did not materialize and the incidence of lifestyle diseases is on the rise led by the big one, Cancer. And the city pollution, preferred leisure foods etc are not playing for you but against you.

So cheap medical insurance it is?

While this  appears straight forward to me, for  I work in the industry, it obviously was not initially the case for most of my clients.

cheap insurance
Cheap insurance

The reason is cheap is relative. As in, are you looking at the amount of money you pay upfront? What about the offering you get? For example the number of hospitals and also the quality of the medical care you get from the hospitals you sign up for?  What about accessibility? For example, for what you pay for do you get a hospital in areas you frequent or stay or even work? Did you pay cheap medical insurance for hospitals in Busia, yet you are based in Masaka?

The other thing is the amounts the insurer will pay for the  particular treatments. For example the insurer can say they will pay you UGX 2 Million for outpatient services but only agree to pay UGX 200,000 for diabetes medicine. And what if diabetes was the reason you decided to get insurance in the first place?

It sounds like a mine field right!

Actually it is. And just like a doctor listening to your symptoms, I will take my time to freely explain to you our insurance package and how you stand to gain the most by signing up with my insurer of choice.  And if you have a particular preference, no problem. I will ensure that you get what you want. After all, we still have to be budget conscious no matter what way we want to look at it.  Call me on +256 0753 808509 for free help.




Medical Insurance Uganda -Client Friendly Agent

Finding the right Medical Insurance companies in Uganda ‎ for your self, family or company can be a mine-field of sorts. I have come across so many people in the course of my work that have changed insurers from time to time. And even though sometimes the problem is the insurer either failing to match their products and current operations to the client needs, sometimes I blame the insurance agent.

Image result for medical insurance agent

When it comes to Medical Insurance companies in Uganda, most insurance agents are extremely aggressive when it comes to getting business but do very little when it comes to servicing their clients. It is my sincere hope that this trend will change eventually.
Due to my customer service background, and interpersonal skills, I feel the way insurance agents  work ought to be changed, either willingly or through market forces. For one, dropping multiple paper based proposals at companies will have to change. Sooner of later!
Six years down the line, companies are going to get buried by paper proposals.  Perhaps, we will instead go green and concentrate on email based proposals. Even though they might be subject to the same treatment at the clients’ side, at least a lot of forests will be saved.
Uncoordinated visits by multiple agents from the same insurer or different one will have to change too. So will the constant emails that simply aim to forcefully keep agents in the face of the clients. Instead clients should have the option to  opt in and out of email ‎newsletters.
The time has come for agents to work smart, for agents to attract clients to whoever they work for. “The time has come when insurance needs to stop being a nuisance but a valuable instrument to minimize risk,” said one customer I met recently. While he was  wrong on the nuisance part, I could feel his frustration. It was the “how” not the “what” that was the nuisance.
The other thing that will knock, medical insurance in Uganda agents out of the game if they don’t change, is the fact that brokers are using less aggressive strategies. For one, they are not under pressure to sell the products for a particular client. Metaphorically, they are the equivalent of the modern day supermarket. The customer is allowed free entry and free exit into the shop without pressure to buy and somehow sales are coming in.
The medical insurance in Uganda agent, on the other hand, is a one product shop that is trying to survive. You do the maths there. Both can really sell, but the one product shop has to be a bit smarter. Either the owner has to have a very unique and highly demanded product or use the method that is not client friendly.”
That is why I think the time has come when the client is heard when it comes to Medical Insurance in Uganda agents going about their work. After all in this time and age, the client is king.
So Medical Insurance in Uganda agents,  need to read the fine line on the future.  Which, on it own, is not really a bad thing. As an industry we must strive to improve out approaches and services. And in an age of empowered consumers, we cannot use the shove-down-the throat-tactic or promise- heaven-and deliver- hell strategy.
That is why going forward as a agent of Medical Insurance in Uganda, I pledge to increase my clientele base by getting referrals based on my currently happy clients. I pledge to put my potential clients needs first. I pledge to fully understand those needs first. And lastly I pledge to unbiasedly advice my clients on the right insurer based on their needs. Call me on 0753 808509 for free advice and no obligation quotes.
The order of conducting insurance sales practice in Uganda must constantly change for the better if this industry is to grow.
You can contact me privately and directly below:

Stamina Training Assists health care Uganda

How you decide to live reduces or enhances your risk of contracting diseases—according to a provider of health care Uganda that advocates for stamina training in alongside other exercises.

“Your lifestyle influences your health-so goes the saying.”-health care players agree to this.

Poor health conditions caused by lifestyles is becoming more extensive as nations become more industrialized and it is sad since they are potentially preventable.  The concern is across the board-so health care Uganda actors are facing the the same problem. health care Uganda.jpg

The signs of aging which includes , decreasing energy, gray hair, wrinkles and bad vision are changes that are coming faster due to lifestyles, while at the same time old age is being extended due to modern medicine. So the health care Uganda actors are seeing  our life expectancy dwindle downwards.

The most profound changes nevertheless comes to most of us in a stealth like fashion. It is often absolutely undetected. “It is slow, progressive and results in a ruthless loss of muscle tissue, called Sarcopenia” according to a very concerned health care U

ganda provider.  It is as an outcome of persistent illness like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other harmful diseases which are constantly being  diagnosed. Add poor medical infrastructure e.g health care Uganda is doing poorly on cancer treatment at the moment. The only cancer machine for the last 30 years has broken down. Yet most of this problems are due to the absence of routine exercises  or physical activities.

The human body was designed to be made use of  physically and some bit of vigorous activity is critical for its health. In fact, the more you do physically, the more powerful and much healthier your body gets–not just according to health care Uganda actors but also all health experts worldwide.  Physical activities gets everything in you moving, be it blood, oxygen, or the nutrients provided to the cells which we all require. If you see health care Uganda is getting bad, them just know that lack of exercise is one of the root  causes of poor health and disease.

The danger of contracting modern day health conditions can be decreased with modifications in lifestyle, changes in diet and activity levels as we age. We need to get rid of the spiral wave of inactivity.

A correct exercise program that includes strength training workouts can avoid as well as reverse muscle tissue loss throughout ones life. By subjecting our bones and muscles to some loads regularly, we are able to keep their strength and as well as protect ourselves from killer “ways of life sicknesses” which are now so common.

Strength training is the quickest technique to improving muscle strength as well as enhance our endurance which enables us to perform daily jobs with less effort. Merely engaging on physical exercises  on a routine basis substantially enhances our capability to work like someone that is 20 years younger. This will definitely bring healthy lives back into your body and keep it there-something that health case uganda players confirm.

Physical activity keeps us dynamic, vibrant and alive. It also ensures that we are strong enough to live our lives to the maximum according to a  health care Uganda expert.

So everybody needs to make changes  to their lifestyle today to lower the danger of illness. Their are added bonuses to this like  enhanced senses of being, a more independent way of life and a higher quality of life. If you heed this then, in general health care Uganda will improve  and the only cancer machine in Kampala will have less work to do.

About Me.

I work for a healthcare insurance provider in Uganda and can be reached on 0753 808509. I can offer you shared family health insurance plans which goes  along way in reducing you cost of insurance. And also ensure that you end up paying for something that you actually use.

Prostate Cancer In Uganda

Prostate cancer in Uganda is on the rise. Lots of ageing men, especially those in the villages   have made the choice to just watch and wait.

Or perhaps really the concerns about prostrate cancer in Uganda have not reached them.  Perhaps they are affected but have no clue that their suffering is as a result of the rising prostrate cancer in Uganda issue

About 80 percent of males who reach the age of 80 develop prostate cancer. It’s is slightly lower as the years are reduced but make no mistake. Prostrate cancer in Uganda is a 55-80+ years issue.

Prostrate cancer in Uganda is fatal but can be easily treated if it’s caught early enough. Isay this becuase cancer treatment options is Uganda are still questionable. So in a way, if health care Uganda systems worked better, prostate cancer in Uganda would not be such a worrying concern. prostate cancer in Uganda

Like other cancers, the reason for the rising prevalence of prostate cancer in Uganda is not understood. It seems more common in African  men and males with a household history of the disease. The prostate gland is located directly beneath the bladder and in front of the anus. The male hormone testosterone unfortunately, contributes a lot to the development of the cancer.

Since the symptoms of prostrate cancer can simulate other diseases or disorders, older males who experience any of these signs must undergo comprehensive health checks to determine the underlying reason for the symptoms. Additional signs that might be associated with this disease are abdominal pains, bone tenderness or pain, pain when beginning urination or the urine holding back.

Most prostate cancer symptoms, although associated with prostate cancer, are most likely to be connected to non-cancerous conditions. But what is important when it comes to prostate cancer in Uganda is that if cancer is caught at its earliest stages, the majority of men will not experience any symptoms.

However, there are a number of prospective disadvantages to PSA testing which is the primary test for testing prostate cancer in Uganda. For example a high PSA does not automatically suggest a client has prostate cancer.  The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test measures the PSA enzyme in your blood for irregularities. A totally free PSA might assist inform the distinction in between BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), an augmentation of the prostate gland, and prostate cancer. A urinalysis might indicate if there is blood in the urine but it might be a sign of another problem. That is why a prostate biopsy is normally added to Prostate cancer in Uganda tests to validate the diagnosis.

The good news about prostate cancer in Uganda is that recent improvements in surgeries have made complications occur less typically. Medicines are also being  utilized to adjust the levels of testosterone; called hormonal control. Surgical treatment is normally just recommended after extensive assessment of all readily available treatment alternatives.

Prostate cancer in Uganda that has actually spread (metastasized) might be dealt with using conventionally available drugs to reduce testosterone levels. This might include surgical treatment to eliminate the testes, some radiation treatment or absolutely nothing at all. What!

Yes, prostrate cancer in Uganda is bad news. It’s a leading killer of elderly men. So if the tested have to go, sometimes it just gotta be done-According to an expert in prostrate cancer in Uganda.

Some drugs with many unforeseen  results are being made use of to deal with advanced Prostate cancer in Uganda for example those that nvolve blocking the production of testosterone, called chemical castration. It has the very same outcome as surgical removal of the testes. Yeah! They can be saved.

There is also the adverse effects of chemotherapy drugs which depend on which ones one is taking and how frequent and how long they’re taken.

An oncology expert will typically advise on treating Prostate cancer in Uganda with a single drug or a combination of drugs. Radiation treatment medications are frequently made use of to deal with prostate cancers that are resistant to hormonal treatments. Anyone thinking about surgical treatment should know the advantages, threats and the length of the treatment.

Other medications made use of for hormonal treatment, with negative effects, include androgen-blocking representatives, which prevent testosterone from connecting to prostate cells.

So if one are on of the people with Prostate cancer in Uganda, what you can do now is start to comprehend what precisely your treatment options are and where you’re going to begin. Hormone manipulation is generally used as a treatment to alleviate symptoms in males whose cancer has actually spread out.

In clients whose health status makes the danger of surgery unacceptably high, radiation treatment is often the chosen traditional option. Whether radiation is as good as prostate elimination is arguable and the choice about which to pick, if any, can be difficult.

One thing that can help Prostate cancer in Uganda sufferers it to read articles such as this one. It is a simple beginning point where you can find out more about prostate cancer in Uganda or  information on  the prevalence of prostate cancer in Uganda. Or even better how to get prostate cancer screening in Uganda if you are at risk.

About me

Call me on 0753 808509. I could advise you on private health insurance for this problem. I am an expert in the industry in Uganda . I know your struggles because all insurers will tell you this is a pre-existing condition now that you are already sick. Even for those okay but over 40,  regular prostate cancer screening in Uganda could be worthy thing to do.

Some Advice On Chronic Kidney Disease In Uganda

Chronic kidney disease in Uganda is rising. And one cause is Kidney stones! Yes, they really harm! And they’re on the increase.

That’s right. Chronic Kidney disease in Uganda is becoming more and more common. It is becoming what many would think about as an epidemic.

Everywhere you turn, somebody states something like “It’s the highest recorded pain I’ve ever felt, and that was my second one”-according to one kidney disease in Uganda expert.

Or this one, “Where’s Martin? I heard he’s in the hospital with a kidney stone, again!”chronic-kidney-disease-in-uganda.jpg

What’s going on?- the kidney disease in Uganda expert adds.

Well, why are a growing number of individuals being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in Uganda? If it not kidney stones, it’s chronic kidney failure.

As an nsurance agent,  I have actually seen numerous discussions on this incredibly painful condition. Furthermore, just this last year, I had 3 buddies who were not sick people but had actually had an issue with this problem. One was an extremely young lady I deal with who practices a very healthy lifestyle.

I need to inform you that I was astounded by her graphic complaint of discomfort, loss of work, and worry of ongoing attacks. She was really scared of another stone. This girl is in her twenties, is a physical trainer, and states there was no family history of urinary stones till her lengthy presentation to an emergency situation  last April, when a stone in her  ureter doubled her misery. Chronic kidney disease in Uganda is here people.

Exactly what’s going on? By the way, did you  know that there is a popular region in the United States called “the kidney stone belt”. It exists essentially due to 3 factors. Oneis that it is a pretty warm place- just like Uganda.

Secondly, dehydration is common because it’s warm-Hmmmm! Just here in Uganda where kidney disease is rising.

And thirdly, folks there, eat lots of greens-which applies to our dear country as well.

People there, remain in the heat about 8 months from the year. Dehydration tends to result in crystals of ionic electrolyte minerals in the kidneys, the biggest of these being calcium. But what’s interesting, is it truly isn’t the calcium that’s the perpetrator in many kidney stones. It’s another salting agent we call oxalic acid. And when it acts upon calcium it ends up becoming calcium oxalate. The same applies here where kidney disease in Uganda is getting a foothold. Only just recently, the issue of contaminated salt from a neighbouring country become an issue of concern, even attracting the concern of parliamentarians.

So why is it happening everywhere now? Why is chronic Kidney disease in Uganda on the rise?

Our modern lifestyles is the most likely wrongdoer. Think about what we we do on a weekly basis. We are more mobile than ever.

Oxylates are a huge component of “greens”. Popular in food like spinach, Sukuma wiki in Uganda. The outcome is a great deal of distressing back pain and kidney illness in Ugandainduced by way of life, and environment.

Another factor increasing the incidence of chronic Kidney disease in Uganda is the drinking. What has ended up being a big fad in the last 15 years, is that we are drinking increasingly more coffee and drinking more alcohol.And you wonder why Chronic kidney disease in Uganda is increasing!

Bear in mind that  alcohol and caffeine not only cheers us up, but it hinders a crucial chemical in our bodies so-called the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). This is a compound that acts upon the distal convoluted tubule in the kidney specifically called a nephron.

ADH works to save fluids in our bodies. So caffeine dehydrates directly, and can assist promote and form crystals in the kidney. Chronic kidney disease in Uganda results eventually.

Alcohol, causes dehydration through respiration and “insensible water loss”, which worsens an already dehydrated situation. And in our breakneck Ugandan business way of lives, in a mostly hot day, we move around dehydrated most of the time because we do not drink sufficient water anyway. So if you wonder why chronic kidney disease in Uganda is increasing then you have some clues now.

The utmost common urinary stone is what we call the “calcium oxalate stone”. These are mace like, spiculed and barbed stones which stick and cut through the kidney after being dislodged. This sounds terrifying, however usually isn’t very unpleasant, although, sometimes extremely unpleasant. Uric acid and other stones can do this too.

What you need to comprehend is that the ureters, the tubes that link the kidneys to the bladder, although they can hold up against squashing, they do not do well with distension. If a stone lodges someplace in this tube on its way out, the result is urinary distension behind the stone and agonizing pain explained by some women, as intense as the discomfort during labor contractions! This illness is christened “hydronephrosis” and is the real center of kidney stone discomfort and Chronic kidney disease in Uganda.

Generally a client comes to the emergency room in fulminate discomfort. They are provided with discomfort medication and antiemetics which quickly fixes the  discomfort and also permits the ureter to relax and allow the stones passage.  Then they use a CAT scanner to do a ‘stone hunt’ normally sending you home with more medication, and organizing follow ups with a kidney cosmetic surgeon, called a Urologist. Yeah, if things worsen they either blast the stone with ultrasound (The Lithotripter) or operate on you.

But of late attention has been turning to towards natural medicine, which in current years reveals interesting outcomes. Based primarily on anecdotal research studies, these therapies have become the most made use of for kidney stones in the western world.

One technique is to liquefy the stones immediately with mixes of oils and herbs.

Another, solution which is referred to as quite common in Europe, is to consume soda and eat asparagus. The approach we have found most intriguing for calcium oxalate stones is the “olive oil and lemon juice” strategy. This method is described all over the web. So Chronic kidney disease in Uganda in a way can be avoided.

As for alcohol intake, why not try to drink water as you drink alcohol. Especially if you are a heavy drinker?  This will go along way in helping stop chronic kidney failure in Uganda too.

I am a health freak and believe in optimum health. That is why I work for the a health insurance company in Uganda. Call me on 0753 808509  if you need good and cheap medical insurance across East Africa. We have shared plans and as your account manager I will ensure you have access to the right hospitals and ensure you do your free and full yearly comprehensive check ups that we give our clients.


It’s Time For Urine Therapy In Uganda

The battle rages on whether urine therapy in Uganda is working or it is an international  fad or fiction.

And whether it does work or it does not? Much has been composed on this subject that it’s hard to understand who to believe. If you were to key in “urine treatment” into any of the major search engines you will discover an unbelievable quantity of websites all giving their own viewpoint.Urine Therapy in Uganda

Well, there are more people for the concept than against it.  So take a deep breath because urine therapy in Uganda might just work for you too. In fact it will work for you if what others have experienced urine therapy in uganda come out for real.

One noteworthy individual whose writing was actually convincing was that from one Martha Christy has done a great deal of research study on the subject although some of the dates she discussed on this web page seemed a little dated. Yes, she’s not Ugandan, and her articles were not about urine therapy in uganda, but about about urine therapy in general.

There’s no doubt that the list of illness she claims that Urine therapy in Uganda will treat is very impressive and though many people know that urine is a waste product that all of us produce a number of times a day. So I know that for many people no matter who attempts to tell them about urine therapy in Uganda, they  will always have that stigma about it.

But please bear in mind that natural medicine is ending up being big business these days especially for individuals that have illnesses that are not responding to conventional medicine. Such people will try anything. Mama Fina can confirm this.  Yes, perhaps someone needs to ask her if she knows of urine therapy in Uganda!

Well whether you like it or not urine therapy in Uganda is here people. Yes we need to employ all remarkable cures to a health problem or concern that we have actually deemed to be helpless. And I do sometimes beleive urine therapy in Uganda works. However there’s no doubt that if this kind of thing works for those who do believe it works, then it’s fantastic.

The body is a very complex piece of machinery and we are finding out more about it every day, yet individuals who do care about Urine treatment will inform you this has actually been around for thousands of years. So don’t think urine therapy in Uganda  is new. Maybe our fore fathers and mothers knew it all along.

To summarize I believe that urine therapy in Uganda is among those things you would have to make your very own mind up on. There is so much detail about it that it’s hard  ignore it. While the jury is still out on whether urine therapy in Uganda  works or not. Why not get health insurance for yourself, employees or your family.

I know how to cheapen the cost having learnt all the legal tricks to the business. Call me on 0753 808509 and I will sit and share with you the legal but cheap routes to getting medically insured.

Immunisation Schedule In Uganda

I hope this helps you keep up to date with your immunization schedule in Uganda. Uganda has many tropical diseases that need to be  kept at bay for as long as possible.
That is why every new born mums need to get a copy of the immunization schedule in Uganda. Go to page 14 for the schedule for the schedule.
Right now there is an outbreak of yellow fever. Mind you.  So immunization schedule in Uganda now sort of extends to the general public. As in Adults need to go get their yellow fever vaccine to. Perhaps we need to develop an immunizatio schedule in Uganda that goes on until one dies of old age. Especially for diseases like Ebola if and when a vaccine is developed. Or AIDS for that matter.
I don’t work for advocates for immunization schedules in Uganda. No no. I am a professional insurance agent that is more in touch with preventing the risks that paying for them. Prevention is much better than cure, even if one has the cure. That why this article was about immunization schedule in Uganda and not about me.
Feel free to Call me on 0753 808509 and let me help you navigate through the insurance minefield for free. Yes, I will do it for free and not insist on any particular insurer.

Coconut Oil-Should Make Healthy Foods In Uganda

Supporters and marketers of coconut oil claim that it is beneficial to everything from hair and skin to heart and kidney health to HIV and cancer. That’s a tall order and definitely one that raises alarm bells in numerous minds in Uganda-especially those aware of healthy foods in Uganda.So should it make it among the healthy foods in Uganda. Or is it a marketing buzz or something akin to it?

Healthy Foods In Uganda
Healthy Foods In Uganda

For over 4000 years, coconut oil has been used as food and as a pharmaceutical product. And in pre-WWII America coconut and other tropical oils prevailed a lot. In the 1950’s that changed. The American soy bean and corn markets began to dominate the market and led an aggressive marketing campaign stating that “saturated fat is unhealthy”.

The end result is that tropical oils were swapped with polyunsaturated oils. That is how coconut oil slithered into obscurity. Too bad, because it hasn’t yet made the list as one of the healthy foods in Uganda.

In other parts of the the world, it has now picked up and is being marketed by manufacturers and sellers as the healthier choice but experts on healthy foods in Uganda have not picked it up really .

Unfortunately, many of the claims by coconut oil manufacturers are exaggerated, unverified or do not have extensive research to back them up. Perhaps that why it has failed to make it a one of the healthy foods in Uganda.

Nevertheless coconut oil stays a distinct oil due to the fact that it consists of lauric acid (50 %), capric acid and caprylic acid.It has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities and is an anti-oxidant.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil:
– It is a standard component in lots of skin and hair items. It is a fantastic moisturizer and can be made use of pure and applied directly on the skin.

– It helps to maintain a healthy weight. While it has only somewhat less calories than other fats, it is quickly transformed into energy. It enhances energy and stamina, and reduces appetite. It is likewise believed to improve thyroid function.

– Anti-microbal qualities reinforce the immune system and assist your body to deal with germs, fungi and parasites. This enhances food digestion and can aid with digestion issues such as cranky bowel syndrome. Its anti-fungal properties can assist getting rid of candida. So should this be made one of the healthy foods in Uganda?

I am not done! So if it doesn’t, then let’s continue.

Unlike polyunsaturated vegetable oils, it is a steady oil that does not go rancid when not cooled. Nor does it release complimentary radicals when cooking on a high heat. That is why I hope healthy foods in Uganda fanatics are reading.

To enjoy its benefits, it’s finest to utilize organic virgin coconut oil. A lot of non-organic oil is refined, bleached and deodorized and will contain chemicals made use of in processing. Organic virgin is devoid of chemicals. It is not refined, bleached, hydrogenated or deodorized. Unlike olive oil, there is no distinction in between virgin and extra virgin.

But how much is one to take to delight its health benefits if now you are convinced that it should make it to the list of healthy foods in Uganda?

Well, it is ideal to take 3 to 4 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil daily. This suffices to assist improve their immune system. It can trigger queasiness in some individuals so begin with 1/2 teaspoon and develop more intake in time. However, care should be taken by people with high cholesterol if it is to make it as one of the healthy foods in Uganda. We don’t want to add problems to problems. And we certainly don’t want it to fail making it to the list of healthy foods in Uganda.

In spite of the marketing buzz and overstated claims by sellers and producers, virgin organic coconut oil is a healthful and beneficial oil that has a place in any healthy diet plan. So I don’t see why it should not make it as one of the healthy foods in Uganda one day. Yes, Uganda has no coconuts but hey, the border is open for trade.

Read more about the benefits of coconut oil  and get on the band wagon. Call me on 00753 808509  for your insurance plans, as that is what I do on a daily basis; providing Ugandans with the best

insurance plans and loving the positive reviews I get.